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Spring 2020 Shows

Indie RockMonday Rehearsals 4:30 to 7:30


EoS 5/9/20 @ 2pm

EoS  Debonair 5/18/20 @ 6:30pm

Indie Rock  will cover 80s College Rock to modern day. Including groups like: Vampire Weekend, Sonic Youth, Arctic Monkeys,  Cake,  The Killers, Pixies, Belly,  The Sundays, The Sugarcubes, Pavement,  Til Tuesday, Brandi Carlile, Arcade  Fire, and more.



Rock 101 Tuesday 4:30 to 6pm (Mike)


EoS WSoR 5/9/20 @ 12 

EoS Debonair 5/19/20 @ 6:30pm



Wednesday Rehearsals 6-9 Billy Joel vs. Elton John


EoS WSoR 5/9/20 @ 3pm

EoS Debonair 5/20/20 @ 6:30pm

This show will compare and contrast the hits of both Billy Joel and Elton John.  This show will feature the piano, (of course) but will also highlight other instruments. Billy Joel, singer, pianist, and songwriter whose numerous hit  songs from the 1970s through today have made him an enduring favorite .  Elton John's unique blend of pop and rock styles turned him into one of the 20th century's biggest music icons. 



Rock 101 Thursdays 4:30 to 6pm (Rich)


EoS WSoR  5/9/20 @ 1:30

EoS  Debonair 5/20/20 @ 6:30pm


Thursday Rehearsals 6 to 9pm Live Aid Remade


EoS WSoR 5/9/20 @ 4pm

EoS Debonair 5/19/20 @ 6:30pm

Live Aid was a dual-venue benefit concert held July 13 1985, as an ongoing music-based fundraising initiative for famine relief.  Billed as the "global jukebox", the event was held simultaneously at Wembley Stadium in London, &John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia,. Our tribute will include  groups like: Black Sabbath, Simple Minds, CSNY, George Thorogood, Pretenders, Led Zeppelin,Duran Duran, The Beach Boys, Judas Priest, Santana, The cars, and more.  (This was one of the first Shows Waldwick SoR performed.)


Call the school to sign up. 201-444-4425