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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock The Woodlands’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our The Woodlands music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.

Adrian Carpenter General Manager

Adrian has one daughter, Kay, who started at School of Rock in a summer camp in 2013. Immediately after the camp, she wanted to enroll in the full program. Kay was a student for six years and is now in college at University of North Texas studying Business and Music. Adrian has been involved with School of Rock from every aspect- a parent, an investor and an employee. Her goal is helping others find their passion and she feels that music is an incredible outlet. Her favorite bands are Rush, KISS and anything from the 80s. In her spare time, she likes to cook, attend concerts and sporting events, and spoil her dog, Nola.

Nick Pastrano Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Drum Teacher

Nick Pastrano is a multi-instrumentalist, and a recording and international touring artist who jumpstarted his musical career on the classical guitar at 12 years old. By 17, Nick found himself in a band that had just started establishing themselves in the Houston area, and eventually started branching out into the rest of the country and then some. He has since chosen to focus on establishing himself as more than just a guitarist, but a recording artist who is proficient in the drums, bass, keys and ukulele. Nick is a passionate teacher. Fun fact: Nick is the great nephew of Jim Morrison from The Doors.

Connor Farmer Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher

Born in Scotland, moving to Azerbaijan at age nine, and then to America when he was 14, Connor started playing guitar as a convenience to his mother. Since the family would get a discount if both of the Farmer boys enrolled in guitar lessons, Connor went along to give it a try. After a year of classical guitar training, Connor was hooked and went on to learn other styles as well. Although no one else in his family carried on with musical education, he had found his passion. In high school, Connor played in several different bands, playing for school theater productions, local events and Battle of the Bands competitions. A former School of Rock student and now instructor, Connor loves the social interaction and opportunities he has to play music for an audience. He hopes to be a positive example to his students and allow them to grow, both musically and personally, just as he has within the program. 90s grunge music is what influences Connor. His favorite bands are Alice in Chains, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana. He enjoys building his own guitars from parts.

Julia Cochran Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Vocal Instructor

Starting out as a School of Rock student in 2013, Julia Cochran has always had a love for music. Watching her father play guitar as a young child set her up for wanting an instrument of her own. Julia started with a small guitar that reminded her of Taylor Swift. Now she teaches on multiple instruments, playing to some of her new favorite bands like Foo Fighters, The Beatles, Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Alec McCrory Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Alec McCrory is a left-handed guitarist and bassist. He is currently in two bands: Red Bay and Lip Service. His favorite bands are Highly Suspect and Alice In Chains. Alec started out as a student at School of Rock, and has been teaching at The Woodlands for about two years.

Aubrey Lovett Drum Teacher

Aubrey Lovett is a classically-trained percussionist with a little over a decade of experience. He began playing his sixth grade year and hasn't stopped since. Aubrey has played in several bands, including The Jackpine Savages, Forager and most recently Burning Pages. In addition to percussion, Aubrey has been singing since he was a child, starting from church choirs and eventually performing in the SHSU Chorale. He also dabbles in guitar, keys, bass and musical engineering.

Aubrey's philosophy for drumming is simple: learn right, play right, have fun. Aubrey puts emphasis on technique and rhythmic theory in his lessons to help build a strong foundation on which to build chops. His main goal as an instructor is to impart upon his students the intense physical, mental and emotional benefits that come with doing a task that demands focus and repetition to master.

Daniel Zeigler Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher

Daniel has been a professional musician for the last 15 years in bands like Teenage Cool Kids, and has toured all over including Europe. For the last few years he has been working on his solo material. Daniel also has exceptional experience building and operating a recording studio and has helped many of his students learn to write and record their own music. Daniel spends his spare time, cooking, painting and laughing.

Hayden Benson Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Drum Teacher

Hayden is a multi-instrumentalist. He is currently in several bands, his most successful being Red Bay. His biggest musical influence is Green Day. Hayden started as a student at School of Rock and has been teaching at the Woodlands location for four years.

Jaden Gann Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Jaden started off as a student in April of 2013 and played in School of Rock performance groups playing music such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers and David Bowie. Her biggest influence is Led Zeppelin. She was in a cover band called Zeppelin’s Last Stand.

Molly Comancho Singing Teacher, Piano Teacher

Molly is a vocalist and keys player who has a passion for teaching, and especially enjoys working with children. With years of classical vocal training and traditional piano instruction, she has been happily teaching with School of Rock for over three years, and always enjoys singing/jamming with new people. Molly currently sings and plays keyboard in a Cypress-based blues band called Black River Revival.

Sheena Hebert Vocal Instructor

Sheena Hebert comes from a long lineage of a musical family. She did her first show at the age of five with her father- songwriter and musician, Deacon Anderson. He is noted for his famous hit “Ragg Mopp," and is in the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame for his lap steel guitar playing. She has recorded at many prestigious recording studios, such as Criteria Studio in Miami, and worked with the likes of Dr. John and Alby Galutin, who produced the Bee Gee’s album, "Saturday Night Fever."

Sheena, along with her brother James and Judy Anderson, formed the group Ragg Mopp, and performed all over the United States. Finally settling in New Orleans as their home base, music has been her passion all her life. Sheena has stated that teaching at School of Rock and encouraging the joy that music brings not only to oneself, but to others around you, is one of the most rewarding experiences that life has given her.

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