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Music industry resources for Syosset musicians including insider tips, industry advice, success stories and more to help music careers grow and succeed.

5 Reasons Why Jack Black's Dewey Finn Belongs at the Real School of Rock

The first question people ask about School of Rock is which came first: the school itself, or the 2003 movie? Originally launched as a single location in Philadelphia in the late ‘90s, School of Rock has developed into a trademarked brand and global phenomenon, operating performance-based music schools around the globe.

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Women's History Month Spotlight

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we were fortunate enough to have Supervisor Kate Murray from the Town of Hempstead come visit and present us with a Certificate of Recognition as a spotlight on Woman Owned Businesses!

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This is Oceanside Podcast: School of Rock Feature

Join us as we were given the opportunity to feature on the Oceanside Library's FIRST EVER podcast, This is Oceanside. Dylan and Monica take you on a journey through the making of School of Rock Syosset/Oyster Bay as well as some of their favorite reading material!

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