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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock Sutherland’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our Sutherland music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.

Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Josh Lofberg Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Josh been a full time Music Teacher for the past seven years and is now bringing all of his previous experience to School of Rock Sutherland! Josh is currently the Music Director for seasonal shows as well as a one-on-one guitar and bass teacher. Josh has been playing guitar and bass for 15 years and playing professionally for about 10 years. Josh studied Music at university and has a full knowledge of music theory. Josh has a deep passion for all things classic rock and his knowledge is second to none!
Drum Teacher

Stef Billimoria Drum Teacher

At the age of eight, Stef was drawn to music and drumming after discovering his father's extensive record collection. With the purchase of a drum kit by his supportive parents, the bashing out of beats began along with volume to shake the whole neighbourhood. Interestingly enough the police were never called to stop the noise.

After countless jams and performances throughout his teenage years, Stef was quickly picked up to fill in and later and join many local Sydney and Melbourne-based bands. Touring quickly ensued and frequent travelling up and down the Australian East Coast was now the norm. Never one to stop learning about drumming, Stef attended many drum clinics and, in doing so, met and learned from some of the world's most talented drummers such as Dave Lombardo, Ryan Van Poederooyen, Virgil Donati, John Tempesta and Dom Famularo. With a progressive interest in drum tuition, Stef continues to study under the watchful eyes and direction of some of the world's greatest drum teachers.

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