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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock Strongsville’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our Strongsville music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.

Donald Pelc Guitar Teacher

Donald Pelc was born in Cleveland, Ohio and grew up in the city of Seven Hills. Donald developed a love of music at an early age and began playing guitar around eight years old. A former School of Rock student himself, Donald sought out to be the best musician he could be and still does so today. After making it into the school's house band and touring with the national AllStars, Pelc realized he could have a future in music.

After high school, Donald chose to further his music education by attending Cleveland State University, where he graduated with a B.A. in Guitar Performance. After joining the School of Rock staff, he quickly discovered his love of teaching and sharing his knowledge with other students. He is well-versed in the musical styles of rock, funk, blues, heavy metal and jazz. Donald plays guitar in various local bands and you can catch him playing around town any given weekend.

Ed Sotelo Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Though he played in a few bands during my college years, it wasn’t until the late 90s that Ed connected with Cleveland’s thriving punk rock scene. Ed's experience being around so many creative people taught him that rock music is an art, a craft and an essential part of his life. In the early 2000s, Ed connected with Cleveland rock band Cobra Verde. They toured, recorded a few albums and even found themselves on the soundtracks of "The O.C." and "True Blood."

Since then, Ed has played in a bunch of original bands. Currently he's busy with groups like The Jack Fords, Mike St. Jude and the Valentines, and Brazilian folk ensemble Chamba Music. Ed considers himself a student of musical history, and a big fan of music from around the globe, made by people from times and places very different from our own.

Chase Ockuly Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Chase fell in love with music at a very early age. His parents would play him the music of The Beatles, The Eagles and CCR. He picked up the guitar at age 12 and hasn't put it down since. Chase was very active in middle school and high school, playing guitar in various school bands. He eventually started playing in restaurants and bars his junior year of high school. Since then, Chase has been playing all over town in original, wedding, cover and pit bands, including a Disney musical at Playhouse Square in Cleveland. Chase is very excited to be sharing his musical knowledge and experience with all the students at School of Rock.

Chris Buhoveckey General Manager

Chris started playing drums/percussion at the age of 11 and has not looked back since. He possesses a love for teaching, and even taught in public schools for several years. Never turning down the opportunity to learn something new, Chris has studied under local greats such as Jeff Babinski (Maura Rogers and The Bellows) and Andy Herrick (Chimaira). He has studied and performed many different styles/genres of music, such as rock, metal, country, hip-hop, rap, jazz and more. Chris currently plays with local cover band Pop Fiction. He encourages you to take a chance and try something new because you never know what will happen.

Tommy Rich Music Director

He is a veteran percussive engineer of the Cleveland music scene, working with American Noise, Donnie Iris, Eric Carmen and more local and national bands. He'd been doing some music directing and house band gigs for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when, in order to get him out of their collective hair, they pointed Tommy towards the new School of Rock franchise about to open, and that was that.

Josh Sparks Drum Teacher

Josh started playing at age eight, hitting boxes along to Smashing Pumpkins records. In high school he got involved in concert band, jazz band and marching band. Somewhere in there Josh started hanging out with a few older kids in the next town over. They let him join their band and took him to punk shows. Since then, he has been lucky enough to play in some really great bands, including Minus The Bear, Into it. Over it., Tancred, Former Thieves and Damiera. Josh has also gotten to make records and record with some really great producers and engineers, including Jayson Dezuzio (Imagine Dragons, Coheed and Cambria), Chris Common (Mastadon, The Sword), Brain Deck (Modest Mouse, Counting Crows) and John Vanderslice (Death Cab for Cutie, The Mountain Goats) to name a few. Whether on tour, in a studio or teaching drums, his musical journey is never ending.

Quinn Hyland Singing Teacher

It was in kindergarten when Quinn found a desire to express herself through performing arts. Throughout grade school she toyed with the idea of acting, and in second grade she told her teacher she wanted to be a singing waitress. It wasn’t until fifth grade that she believed that she could sing, so she joined choir and tried out for the school musical. In the sixth grade she joined the school 80s show and started taking vocal lessons at School of Rock Rocky River. Soon after she started up bass, then guitar, and was playing for The Committed (called The Headliners at the time). She was a two-time School of Rock AllStar, and in her senior year of high school she started writing music and joined the Tri-C High School Rock Off with a band called Funky Mcmunky.
Quinn enrolled in Columbia College Chicago for two years, where she took vocal technique, performance and theory classes. Here at School of Rock, Quinn is a director for the main program, Rock 101, and runs the Rock Rookies class in Strongsville. She teaches vocals, bass and beginner keyboard lessons. Currently, Quinn writes her own music and is the bass player for two original bands: Maura Rogers and the Bellows and Tim Moon. She also plays bass in a cover band called Pop Fiction with two other School of Rock staff members, Chris Buhoveckey and Alex Sorboro.

Tyler Hawes Drum Teacher

Tyler Hawes is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Akron, OH. As a drummer, he has been trained in many different styles and genres by industry professionals. Although drums are his main instrument, Tyler is often found playing guitar, bass and keys. He began drawing attention to his performance style during his time with the late Akron rock trio Elipsus, in which he was the vocalist, lead guitarist and songwriter. Currently, he is the drummer for Bearhouse (an original jazz fusion group), Diamond Kites (an original pop rock band out of Akron) and Honeycreek (a dance/jam band putting a new twist on popular covers). Tyler's current main project is his role writing music and playing bass, keyboards (often simultaneously) and singing for experimental funk duo Wo Hop Madness. As a musician in general, Tyler draws influence from as many styles and genres as he can, favoring jazz, rock, fusion, classical, and traditional African and Afro-Cuban styles. Some of his favorite bands/artists include Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Dirty Projectors, Jaco Pastorius, Esperanza Spalding, Snarky Puppy, Charlie Hunter, Eric Harland, Tony Williams and many more.

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