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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock Southlake/Keller’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our Southlake music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.

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Marty Morris Music Director

Marty Morris was born in central Illinois and raised in Atlanta, GA and Toledo, OH. His dad bought him a $25 pawnshop guitar at age six and only showed him how to play the song "La Bamba." Over the next several years, he taught himself to play multiple instruments, sing and write songs. His first public performance was a cover of Led Zeppelin’s "Moby Dick" at age 12 and by age 14 he was playing in an original band as a regular of the Toledo, OH music scene.

Studying Cinema and English literature in college, Marty briefly flirted with the idea of becoming a film director, but his love of music proved too strong. Moving to Detroit in 2001, he has worked continuously to evolve as a musician and entertainer. He has performed hundreds of concerts all over the world from the Fillmore in San Fran to Belgrade, Serbia – and he has supported such names as the Black Keys, Link Wray, The Kills, The Cramps, The Von Bondies, Mission of Burma, Radio Birdman and many more.

A member of critically acclaimed bands SSM (whom "The New York Times" called “the heretics of three-chord rock”) and the Cyril Lords, his experience in the music business is extensive. Marty's other passion is School of Rock. He was Music Director at two Detroit schools before making the big leap to opening the Frisco and Southlake locations, where he is now both GM and Music Director of Southlake/Keller SOR and an active guitar and bass teacher. He also leads a team as booking agent, tour manager, graphic designer and music director of the School of Rock Continental Summer Tour for our franchises.

Marty strongly believes in leading by example, and has forever changed the lives of countless students by showing them the joy and majesty of playing rock ‘n’ roll.

Marisa Saltzgiver Drum Teacher

Marisa has been playing drums for over 16 years. She was Section Leader her senior year of high school and played on the snare line for six years. She also played in the school's concert bands, orchestras, jazz bands and percussion ensembles. Marisa has played at over 100 different venues/events, including House of Blues and Cowboy's Stadium with Sherill Douglas (international celebrity impersonator). She just recently returned from touring in LA and Colorado with Nate Hancock and the Declaration. She now resides back in the Dallas Fort Worth area and plays with several different projects.

Tim Harman Drum Teacher

Tim Harman has been obsessed with every aspect of drums and percussion basically since he was born. Brought up in a musical family, he first latched onto the drums by observing the drum lines of the marching bands directed by his father. After receiving his first snare drum for Christmas at the age of eight, rhythm took over his life. He started gigging in Deep Ellum clubs at the age of 15 and embarked on his first tour the next year. In the 12 years since then, he has spent considerable time on the road with bands such as The Atom Age, PEARS, Informant, Detonate and Mose Giganticus among others. In between stints on the road, he has been teaching private lessons, working in and operating drum shops (he founded The Ghost Note in downtown Denton in 2012), building and repairing drums, and doing basically anything there is to do in the realm of percussion. He's been busy and never stops learning new ways to hit things with sticks.

Izzy Maso Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher

Born and raised in Dallas, Izzy has always had a love for music. She started as a student at our Frisco school when she was 14, and after being in the program she eventually progressed into becoming an instructor. Izzy taught part-time while she went to college at Baylor University, and now that she has graduated, she’s back to teaching. When she isn’t teaching, Izzy enjoys creating music with a loop pedal, gigging and producing videos. Izzy strongly believes in education in all forms, so she is so excited to be able to help kids explore and learn about music.

Jade Owens Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Jade Owens fell in love with music at an early age just as many musicians do. Watching relatives play a myriad of instruments ranging from banjos and mandolins to piano and organs, the array of sounds coming from his grandfather's front porch captivated him. As time went on Jade found himself digging deeper into the world of music and sound. He picked up guitar and drums along the way. Cliff Campbell, former guitarist of Fair To Midland, gave him guitar lessons at the age of 17. Jade’s late teens and early 20s were spent in local bands with sounds ranging from noise art rock and punk rock, to soul, R&B and funk. Today, Jade plays guitar in the band Bad James. Their first release was recorded at Elmwood Studios, previous studio of St. Vincent and legendary producer John Congleton. Jade loves hats, DIY and every so often delving into the avant garde.

Beth Carter Piano Teacher, Singing Teacher

Beth was born in Springtown, Texas and was around music her whole life, growing up in a musical family. She always sung in church, choir and within her family. When she was eight she moved to Fort Worth and continued to sing in choirs and started to get into theatre. When she was 11 she started participating in musicals every summer. Then at age 14, she started attending School of Rock Fort Worth and making friends within the Fort Worth music scene. Throughout learning at School of Rock, she has picked up the piano, as well as ukulele, harmonica and bass guitar. In her last year as a student at School of Rock at age 18, she went on a summer tour and gained musical experience, as well as created everlasting bonds with the people she worked with. Currently she is studying music education at TCC and participates in their ensemble group. She still attends School of Rock as a part of the Fort Worth Adult Band, striving to broaden her horizons and become a better musician.

Sammi Bishop Drum Teacher

Sammi began her musical journey at the age of 15 by spending countless hours listening to her favorite bands, playing along to her favorite songs and learning from as many local professionals as possible. Sammi began cutting her teeth playing in local bars around Jacksonville, Florida at 17 years old and quickly became the go-to fill-in drummer around town and out of state. Soon, drumming became her full-time occupation. At age 22, she received a phone call from Austin, TX regarding a new opportunity to tour Europe with the movie soundtrack extraordinaire band Tito and Tarantula. Sammi entertained the masses with this amazing group in countless countries such as Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Italy and Russia. Sammi’s love of drumming already has and inevitably will continue to take her places far and wide. Currently, Sammi is a teacher at School of Rock in Dallas and Southlake, using her spark to lead young musicians to the big stage.

Melissa Birchett Singing Teacher

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Melissa began taking voice and piano lessons at the age of five. She grew up performing in musicals and plays across Texas until she ultimately decided to study classical music. Melissa moved to sunny Malibu, California at 18 years old and attended Pepperdine University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in Vocal Performance in 2012. During her undergrad career, she lived in Germany and traveled across Europe, performing in various operas. Continuing her education, she moved to San Francisco and received a Master's degree in Opera Performance, studying under some of the most esteemed vocal and piano instructors. While living in San Francisco, Melissa sang with the Opera Director of the San Francisco Opera and performed numerous opera scenes throughout her two years. Melissa has become one of the top teachers in the school and loves being able to mold the musical minds of her students.

Bri Wischerman General Manager

Bri was born and raised in Southern California and developed a love for music early on. She started playing the violin in fourth grade and continued on with the flute, dabbled in the bass and drums in high school, and later moved on to the piano. She was also in show choir and various musical theater productions throughout middle and high school. Being from SoCal, she inevitably developed a love for ska-punk, classic rock and metal, with her favorite band being Guns n' Roses. Bri is now learning the bass guitar in the School of Rock Adult Program and is having a blast. A mother of two settled in North Richland Hills, she enjoys horror movies, concerts, eating out and going to Six Flags and spending time with her family. Bri couldn’t be more excited to be with School of Rock, and loves helping kids explore the arts and find themselves.

Zack Wiese Guitar Teacher

Born in Seattle, Washington, Zack's musical journey began early. Zack started at School of Rock in Frisco as a student when he was 13. After being there for four years he progressed into becoming a teacher here at School of Rock Southlake/Keller. He began as drum student, but also taught himself guitar, bass and piano, and has been known to sing every now and again. He's got a good ear for all genres of music, but says his favorites would be the classics, indie rock and garage rock. Zack currently plays drums in a band known as Post Palace, as well as plays everything in his solo project, Fluorescent Dreams.

James Malone Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Co-founder, singer, guitarist and lead songwriter for Arsis, James has been involved in the technical melodic death metal scene for more than a decade. A lifelong musician, James grew up in Virginia and began his musical education at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2000, he co-founded Arsis and the band has released five studio albums and three EPs. In addition to his work with Arsis, he composed "A Diamond for Disease" for the Ballet Deviare, a contemporary ballet company in New York City, which was performed off-Broadway in 2005 to a sold-out crowd. "A Diamond for Disease" featured a 13-minute title track that took four months to write and was hailed as “a multi-movement death metal masterwork” by "Decibel Magazine." Last year, James started a side project, Necromancing the Stone.

Daniel Louise Guitar Teacher, Drum Teacher

Daniel grew up in the Dallas area and has always had a deep passion for music. Ever since he first got his hands on a guitar, there was no stopping him from becoming the musician he is today. He started his musical career at School of Rock McKinney and quickly ran with his passions as he began playing guitar, bass and drums for regional and national touring bands. He then went off to Full Sail University, where he studied to be an audio engineer. While in college, Daniel worked as a session musician, recording with a variety of acts in and around the Central Florida area. Now that he’s returned to Texas, he’s back to doing session/live work and has started teaching his passion to those who were once like him.

Ariel Ditta Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Vocal Instructor

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Ariel Ditta first discovered her passion for music at the tender age of two when she threw a big fit in front of a music store because it was closed. She began taking piano lessons at four years old, voice lessons at seven, and eventually started teaching herself guitar and bass at 13 years old. Fresh out of high school, she moved to Denton to study voice performance at the University of North Texas, where she earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies in 2018. When she’s not busy instilling a life-long love of music in her students, she enjoys writing tunes, drawing mutant creatures that hopefully don’t exist, spending money she doesn’t have on effects pedals and making ambient, art grunge noises in her various projects around the DFW area. She is a guitar teacher, bass guitar teacher, piano teacher and vocal instructor at School of Rock Southlake/Keller.

Victoria Vinson Studio Coordinator

Victoria Vinson’s passion for music began at an early age when she began playing the viola in elementary school. This steered her to try out the guitar, bass and piano. Her love for music has directed her to pursue a career in Radio Broadcasting/Mass Communications. Victoria has worked for a majority of DFW’s most popular radio stations. She loves to help music connect a multitude of people together. Today she inspires to acknowledge the fundamentals of healing through music and art. She is the Studio Coordinator at School of Rock Southlake/Keller.

Loren Contino Little Wings Teacher, Rookies Teacher

Loren Contino has been performing around the DFW area since she was 12, and was a student at School of Rock Southlake/Keller for nearly four years. During her four years, she toured with students across the west coast and was even a contestant on "American Idol." Loren loves working with kids and now runs the Little Wing and Rookie programs within the school.

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