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May Shows


May Shows

May 17 - May 20, 2019

7:30pm - 7:30pm

May Performances

We're excited to be holding the weekend shows at The Growler in Danville and the Friday night Queen show at The Alamo Women's Club. We were lucky enough to find this great hall so close by. We'll be rolling out the red carpet and turning this long standing community hall into a full scale Queen rock show.

If you haven't been to the Growler yet, you are in for a treat. They have an amazing selection of delicious food and a wide variety of beer on tap. This will be an outdoor venue, so there is plenty of room for everyone. There will be limited seating, but you're welcome to bring your own chairs and umbrella or shade structure. If there are members of your party who will require seating due to physical limitations please let us know in advance how many seats you require, and we can make sure to set chairs aside for them. We're looking forward to another amazing set of shows!

Friday, May 17th at The Alamo Women's Club
7:30-9:30 Queen (students should arrive at 7:00)

Saturday, May 18th at The Growler
1:00-1:15   All Rookies  (students should arrive at 12:45)
1:15-1:30   Daneile’s Wednesday Rock 101   (students should arrive at 1:00)
1:30-3:30   Hall of Fame   (students should arrive by 1:00)
3:30-3:45   Nick’s Monday Rock 101   (students should arrive at 3:15pm)
3:45-5:45   Glam Metal   (students should arrive by 3:15) 
5:45-6:00   Andres’ Saturday Rock 101   (students should arrive by 5:30)
6:00-8:00   Monsters of ROCK   (students should arrive by 5:30)

Sunday, May 19th at The Growler
12:45-1:00   Robbie’s Saturday Rock 101   (students should arrive by 12:30)
1:00-3:00   Best of the Bay II   (students should arrive by 12:30)
3:00-3:15   Will’s Thursday Rock 101   (students should arrive by 2:45)
3:15-5:15   The Year 2000   (students should arrive by 2:45) 
5:15-5:30    John’s Tuesday Rock 101   (students should arrive by 5:00)
5:30-7:30   Nirvana   (students should arrive by 5:00) 


Alamo Women's Club is located at 1401 Danville Blvd, Alamo

The Growler is located at 515 San Ramon Valley Blvd, Danville

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