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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our Rogers music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.

Ryan Brogan Drums Teacher

Ryan Brogan began playing drums at 13 years old, playing music with his brothers. They started writing original material and by 16 Ryan was touring. At 18 years of age, Ryan's band, PM Today, had released a full-length album independently and toured in support of the release. Three years later, "In Medias Res," the second studio album, was released on Rise Records. Ryan toured across the country, visiting and playing in every state in the continental US. He has played for audiences of 20 and for over 7,000. Ryan has shared the bill with everyone from Dustin Kensrue (of Thrice) to Circa Survive and Brand New. Ryan furthered his music education first at UALR, and most recently at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Ryan is excited to bring his combined real world knowledge and what he learned in the classroom to our performance-based way of teaching and learning as a drums teacher at School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers. Ryan currently plays drums and tours with Modeling and Boom Kinetic, and enjoys photography and traveling.

Max Sallings Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Vocal Instructor

Max Sallings started his first band as a guitar player at the age of 14, playing two house shows and quickly calling it quits. The hiatus didn't last long when at 15 he joined the band Mistaken, which he was a part of for six years. The band recorded two studio albums in Memphis, Tennessee at the legendary Sun Studios, home to Johnny Cash, Elvis, June Carter and many more.
Max has been involved in the local Northwest Arkansas music scene since he was very young, most notably in the band Marca. Max currently has his hand in many different projects. Max plays with Allie Lauren, a pop/jazz project featuring a female vocalist/pianist. Max is also involved in a well-known electronic trip-hop group called Count Your Curses, who have had collaborations with members from Destroy The Runner and Dillinger Escape Plan. Max also is in the '90s cover band Kids and is always writing and recording solo material.
Max has been with School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers since our opening, and is excellent at advanced guitar techniques like tapping and mode variation, but also enjoys teaching the basics on all instruments. Max loves to make sure every student is not only learning to the best of their abilities, but is a part of our community and has a voice here at School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers.

Jennifer Register General Manager

Jennifer Register was born in Saint Louis, but mainly raised in Iowa. She was extremely involved in piano and competition vocal performance from the time she was five (and wishes there was something like School of Rock when she was younger). After high school she moved to the NWA area for the first time on a whim and loved it, but soon decided to try out Minneapolis and then New York. Something about NWA always resonated and Jen soon found her way back to Arkansas.
After wishing she could find a career where arts, music and her particular organizational habits could be combined, Jennifer has found School of Rock to be the perfect combination of her passions. Jennifer has played and worked with music groups all over the country and is excited to work with musicians at the beginning of their journeys.
Jennifer will make sure to find the perfect place for you and your student in any of our programs here at School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers. Her passion not only for music but for the community of School of Rock and the NWA area will help to make your School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers experience so much more than just music lessons.

Alex Vazquez Drums Teacher

Hailing from the mean streets of Tampa, Florida, Alex Vazquez began his musical journey at the young age of 11 in marching band. Alex played clarinet for two years, and was excited and intrigued by the sound and feel of a group of people coming together to play a piece of music collectively. Deciding a different genre of music was more his speed, Alex and his friends decided they wanted to start a rock band. This is where Alex's love for drums began. The complexities of rhythm and tempo grabbed him and he dove into practicing on his drum kit every free moment he had.
In 2007 Alex had the honor of being voted one of the top drummers in the entire Tampa music scene, and in 2009 Alex moved to Fayetteville, AR and continued to play shows and perfect his craft with new musicians and challenges. Alex has continued his practice and in his adult life has played shows all over the country. He has performed over 200 shows in bands ranging in genres from hardcore and metal to pop punk.
Alex loves to see kids with a passion for music and is so excited to bring his experiences and belief that music should be fun to our students at School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers.

Cuinn Brogan Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher

Cuinn Brogan began his musical journey with percussion in middle school band, laying a solid foundation before picking up a bass guitar when he was 12 with private bass lessons for about a year. He quickly switched to guitar, wanting to create his own music. With his brothers, Cuinn began touring with their band PM Today as a sophomore in high school, managing his high school education from a computer. In 2009 PM Today was signed to Rise Records, when Cuinn was just 17 years old, and they released the album "In Medias Res." After high school, Cuinn expanded his horizons, studying piano and saxophone.
Cuinn continued to tour the country with PM Today, playing backyards to stadiums, alongside many different bands and genres of music. Always hungry for more, Cuinn studied composition and performance online at OMI, and quickly realized that one of his favorite parts of music is composition. He also added musical software programming and synthesis to his resumé.
Today, Cuinn is still playing music and touring with his brothers under the name Modeling (formerly Move Orchestra). Cuinn is always ready to talk music with his students, and is always ready to help with composition and songwriting at School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers.

Tyler Tradewell Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Vocal Instructor

Tyler Tradewell's musical career began in the form of poetry when he was only 10 years old. Tyler started reading Dickinson, Frost and Poe, and was inspired by the way the stanzas worked together in rhythm. Tyler began writing and soon learned that he could put his words to music, picking up the guitar when he was 12. At 14, Tyler and his friends started their first band called The Tristan Betrayal. This metal band played shows, toured and recorded an album before disbanding in 2010. While Tyler was still a part of this project he began writing softer, more acoustic singer songwriter music (Don McClean was a huge inspiration), and recorded his first solo album, "I'll Believe Again," in 2009. Tyler continued to write his own music and play with other musicians, consistently pushing himself to learn as much as he could from not only literature and music but the world around him.
A few years later Tyler decided to learn piano, so he started with the classics, pushing himself to build a solid foundation in both theory and technique. In 2011 he released his second album, "Where Beauty Goes." Tyler continues to write his own music and released his third album, "Stayed Too Long." He is also currently working on a two-piece ambient rock project called Foxwood. Tyler loves working with students of all ages at School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers and loves to see students make breakthroughs and learn new things.

Chase Pagan Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Vocal Instructor, Drums Teacher

Chase Pagan began his music career in the small town of Mountain Home, Arkansas. Chase knew at a young age he wanted to play music and played anything he could get his hands on. Chase has been very involved in the national and international music scene as a solo artist. He has released three solo records. Since spending more time back in NWA, Chase has been involved in many rock and roll projects in various aspects. Chase enjoys not only playing music, but recording and producing, and is a great resource for our students at School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers who have any interest in this part of the music industry. Some of Chase's projects include Teenagers, Family History and Bear Colony. Chase also composes music for movies, including a recent animated children's film. Chase can also tell you anything you ever wanted to know about The Beatles.

Eric Watson Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Vocal Instructor

Eric Watson started playing guitar at 13 years of age in good ol' Arkansas and quickly dove into his local music scene. Eric identified with many of the local acts he heard and saw play as a kid, and looked up to what they did. He wanted to play on stage too. In high school he saw the opportunity to start seriously studying music, including theory, and he embraced it, adding vocal music to his repertoire. After high school he studied Vocal Music Education both at Arkansas Tech and at University of Arkansas in Fort Smith, participating in multiple choral groups and jazz ensembles.
Outside of academic music, Eric has been in rock and roll bands spanning from heavy metal to pop-punk, and loves all kinds of music. Eric currently plays bass and tours in the progressive metal band Terminus. Eric prides himself in being able to take influence and knowledge in both theory and technique spanning a variety of genres and apply them to whatever he is currently working on. This is very helpful at School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers and Eric loves to utilize this with his students who have varying tastes. Music has been one of the biggest parts of Eric's life and continues to shape everything he does, including being an amazing instructor at School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers.

Bryce Holcomb Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Vocal Instructor

Bryce Holcomb began playing guitar at age nine, and with a love for AC/DC and Angus Young soon learned the band's entire catalog. After a few years of diving into all the classic rock riffs he could manage, Bryce's musical interest slowly began to decline as he became bored. In 2012 Bryce discovered School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers soon after they opened, and he began to fall in love with music all over again. During his four-plus years in the program, Bryce was involved in everything available to him as a School of Rock student, from volunteering in Rock 101 to holding a spot in the School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers House Band for the entirety of his tenure. Additionally, Bryce auditioned and made the School of Rock Continental Summer Tour two years in a row, touring the country for two weeks during the summer with other School of Rock students from across the country.
Shorty after graduating from high school and aging out of the School of Rock program, Bryce joined the School of Rock staff. He also leads and plays guitar in his current band, Elephantom, with two other School of Rock Bentonville/Rogers alumni. The group has put on an EP, three singles and a full-length album. Bryce is a Music Theory major at the University of Arkansas, where he is currently a junior, and is excited to continue his School of Rock journey as a teacher.

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