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Music resources and tips from School of Rock Rochester for all musicians. This will help Rochester students improve their musical proficiency and become successful performers.


Zoom Cloud Meetings, the video conferencing app we use for School of Rock Remote, has released a new update that provides our students and staff with some advanced audio features that can greatly improve the quality of your video lessons. In the newest version, users now have access to the Advanced audio settings panel. Within this panel are some new settings that should help to improve the sound quality of all types of instruments, but particularly drums. While changing these settings is not required in order to use School of Rock Remote, we highly recommend that you try them out to see if you experience an improvement in your audio performance. Your instructor will likely let you know if they hear a difference! It should be noted that these settings are only available when using the laptop or desktop versions of Zoom. At this time, they are not available on mobile devices or tablets. You can check whether you are using the most up-to-date version of Zoom by looking in your app preferences, or you can download the newest version by going HERE.

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How to overcome stage fright

How to Overcome Stage Fright

Overcome stage fright with helpful advice & tips from music experts. Identify symptoms, causes, and try out new techniques to conquer your next performance.

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