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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock Rochester’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our Rochester music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.

Kyle Marker Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher

Kyle Marker graduated from Oakland University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Performance. He is currently a guitar, bass, keyboard and beginner drums teacher at School of Rock Rochester. Kyle has years of performance experience playing in different bands, weddings and musical theater gigs. He is currently the lead guitarist in the punk/metal band Free Government Service.

Riley Eroh Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Riley Eroh is a guitar, bass and ukulele teacher at School of Rock Rochester. He is an active member of the Detroit music scene. Riley attended Berklee College of Music, studying Guitar Performance. He has recorded albums and has been featured on local radio. Riley has years of experience studying music theory, ear training and the art of reading and writing music. Riley specializes in blues, classic rock, alternative and country music. Riley loves teaching different styles of music, and is a fan of many different approaches and techniques to teaching music.

Jarrett Holtslag Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher

Jarrett Holtslag is a piano, bass and guitar teacher at School of Rock Rochester. By playing music from a young age and being surrounded by a diverse pallet of influences, he has developed knowledge about, and a love for, many different styles of music. Jarrett has been an active member of the music scene in Grand Rapids and the Detroit metro area for years, playing with music groups that range in genre from jazz and classical, to progressive rock and metal. With experience performing in bands that range in size from orchestral, to rock band, to solo performances, he is ready to help any student find the right musical path for them and grow as a musician.

Adam Weber Music Director

Adam Weber is the Music Director at School of Rock Rochester and has been a proud part of the school for over 10 years. He started as a student and was hired as a teacher within two years. He has been on tour with the School of Rock AllStars and has played around the local Detroit music scene, doing both covers and originals. He teaches guitar, vocals, piano and bass from beginner level to advanced. Adam listens to a wide array of music and specializes in metal and rock. He loves discovering new types of music and introducing students to music that they are not familiar with.

Owen Peters Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Owen Peters is a former student and School of Rock AllStar from Rochester, Michigan. He is a bass teacher who also specializes in drums and guitar, and has been working at School of Rock Rochester for six years. Owen studied music at the University of Michigan, where he graduated in 2018. He has extensive performance experience in the metro Detroit area, and is passionate about sharing his love of music with others.

Eric Choi Drums Teacher

Eric Choi is a teacher here at School of Rock Rochester and started playing in bands as a preteen and it quickly became his creative outlet. By his high school years, he and his group, We Came As Romans, started expanding from the local scene and ventured out of the state more weekends than not. After several self-booked tours and graduating high school, Eric signed his first record deal as an 18-year-old. He spent the next eight years touring full-time and released four albums with Equal Vision Records. Some of his favorite memories include touring with some of his favorite artists like The Used and August Burns Red and being able to share stages with many of his favorites on festivals across the country and Europe.

Claire Thayer Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher

Claire Thayer is a guitar and keyboard teacher at School of Rock Rochester. A former student, Claire has been a veteran of the School of Rock community for around nine years. Because of being a former member of School of Rock Rochester's House Band, Claire has had the privilege of playing venues such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and gained the real world experience that helped her become an active member of the music scene surrounding Detroit playing her own music. Claire has a lot of experience in and enjoys teaching all kinds of players but specializes with beginner guitarists and keyboardists. With interests spanning from classic rock to today's top 40, Claire likes to learn about and teach all types of music.

Curtis Godzisz Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Drums Teacher, Vocal Instructor

Curtis Godzisz is one of our school's guitar and vocal teachers, as well as one of our show directors. He graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor's of Music degree in Classical Guitar Music Performance with a focus in Music Composition. Curtis has been learning and playing music ranging from Bach to Slayer since 2000. He started learning guitar in 2004, then added vocal training in 2008 and started teaching in 2010. Curtis is a firm believer that with practice and solid guidance you can be as good of a player as you choose to be and is constantly looking to learn new styles and techniques himself. He loves the challenges that different genres of music have to offer and is not afraid to tackle any style. Curtis is a guitar, vocal, bass, piano and drums teacher at School of Rock Rochester in Michigan who focuses mostly on guitar, vocals and music theory.

Michael Thompson Drums Teacher

Michael Thompson is a drum teacher at School of Rock Rochester. He has 25 years of experience as a working musician, made up of private drum instruction, freelance studio work, and collaboration with musicians and bandmates in both a live and studio setting. Michael has been a member of solid Metropolitan Detroit bands, most notably of which include Friends of the Family, Night Train and The Mobius Loop. Along with teaching drum lessons, Michael is presently collaborating on original material with a newly formed rock band called Electric Temple.

Michael is looking to add dedicated students to his roster. He is very experienced with teaching students in a wide age range, with students ranging from five to 60 or older. Michael has learned a great deal through private instruction, and he therefore teaches from experience. He applies many of the techniques that were beneficial in his own personal experience.

Caitley Brey Studio Coordinator

Caitlyn Brey is our Studio Coordinator as well as a School of Rock Rochester graduate. She is currently attempting to get into the Detroit music scene and has a few years of experience with guitar, bass and vocals. Caitlyn loves listening to and playing music of many genres. She focuses most on all things alternative when it comes to playing and performing for herself.

Mitchel Latcha General Manager

Michael Latcha is the General Manager of School of Rock Rochester. He started his musical journey in grade school playing the guitar. Throughout high school he formed and gig with a few local bands. In 2005 he joined a band called Freer. For three years they had some local and national success. Freer was featured on a Banana Republic commercial and toured with The Go, SSM and The Von Bondies. After Freer split, Michael decided to go back to school for his Music Degree at Oakland University. During his time at Oakland, he learned music theory, music history, played in countless ensembles, and studied classical and jazz Music. Outside of the university, Michael started teaching at School of Rock Rochester and participated in an eclectic Detroit play called "Wonderland," put on by Theater Bizarre. After "Wonderland" is when he joined the band Electric Lions Sound Wave Experiment. ELSWE was an experimental, psychedelic, shoegaze band. Michael played guitar, recorded and helped produce their EP and LP "Fade Out." Currently, Michael plays guitar in The Beggars. Michael also plays keys in Kommander and guitar in Mega Weedge.

Michael strives to create a culture at School of Rock Rochester that helps students express their inner musician. He started at School of Rock Rochester as a teacher, became a Show Director and Music Director, and now is the General Manager. Michael’s love for music is his drive to help everyone at the school have success in whatever musical direction they are pursuing.

Neal Laymon Guitar Teacher

Neal Laymon has been active in the Michigan music scene since the age of 14. He is currently a touring professional musician, and he still remains an active part in the local scene. Along his way he has picked up skills in guitar, bass, songwriting and vocals. In 2018, Neal’s band, The Gasoline Gypsies, was awarded two Detroit Music Awards in the categories of Outstanding Group and Outstanding Album. Neal loves all forms of music, and has performed in multiple professional groups from a variety of styles, including rock, metal, funk and jazz. Neal specializes in rock and guitar performance. He is a guitar instructor at School of Rock Rochester.

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