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Session Two 07/22 - 07/26/19

Session Two 07/22 - 07/26/19


Session Two 07/22 - 07/26/19

Jul 22 - Jul 26, 2019

10:00am - 3:15pm
School of Rock Ridgefield

EARLYBIRD SALE!!!Sale runs 04/15/18. Email ridgefield@schoolofrock.com with questions.
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School of Rock Summer Camps are perfect for any young musician between the ages of 8-18 and are tailored to the individual skill level of each camper to ensure an educational and enjoyable experience for all. Our camps are ideal for anyone with an interest and/or experience in vocals, guitar, drums, bass, or keys.

Our one-week Rock & Roll Camps are condensed versions of the programs we offer year round! 5 days of LEARNING MUSIC, BUILDING CONFIDENCE, MAKING FRIENDS and PERFORMING LIVE! Throughout the week the kids go from zero to a full set of songs to perform at our school. Group rehearsal, song casting, instructive coaching, gear education, and band-related activities are all aimed towards helping kids learn a set of songs and be totally ready to rock them out live by the end of the week. Whether you sing, play drums, keyboards, or shred guitar or bass, you will have a blast! All skill levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced!

This Summer we are offering 4 One-Week Sessions of our Essential Classic Rock & Roll Camp! This is the foundation of all that we do at School of Rock! Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Queen and more! The camp will serve as a primer for the music that inspires us to keep making new music. In each session we will tackle a different setlist of Classic Rock. Learn musical concepts, skills and the rules of great songwriting by PLAYING the masters! How to manage your gear, work with other players and understand classic song structure are a big part of camp.All Instruments. Advanced Beginner and Up.


  • What time does camp start and end? Camp runs from 10am-3:15pm, Monday-Friday.
  • What should students bring? It is recommended for all students to bring a notebook and pen. We have drums, keyboards, and amps here, so no need to bring those. Drummers should bring drum sticks and headphones. Guitarists should bring their guitars, picks, and tuners. Bassists should bring their bass guitars and tuners. Keyboardists and singers just need to show up.
  • Is my student ready for camp? We recommend at least a bit of experience for participation in our summer camps, though it is not required. If you're not sure about your child's level of preparedness, stop in for a free lesson and we'll help you figure it out! Call us at 203-894-5698 or go to ridgefield.schoolofrock.com to schedule a free trial lesson!
  • When is the performance? The performance happens on the last day of camp, Friday, at 3:30pm.
  • Where is the performance? Our camp performances have traditionally taken place on site at our school.
  • Is the performance open to the public? Yes! And it's FREE admission! Students should invite friends and family to the final show.
  • Can a student take a lesson on a different instrument just to try it out? Absolutely! We encourage our students to try out different instruments if they would like to.
  • What if I have any further questions or concerns? Email us at ridgefield@schoolofrock.com or call 203-894-5698 and we will be happy to assist you!

School of Rock Is: Music lessons done differently...music lessons done RIGHT.

The School of Rock Ridgefield employs working professional musicians who are also dedicated teaching artists. We have been innovating and cultivating music education since 1998. Come learn and grow with the best and have a great time doing it! We LOVE what we do!

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