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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock Randolph’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our Randolph music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.

Jimmi KaneOwner, General Manager

When Jimmi Kane started bouncing on his rocking horse right on beat to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It," his dad thought quickly and put some drum sticks in the four-year-old’s hands. Without any formal training, Jimmi quickly taught himself to master the drums. By the time he was 15 years old, he was a regular on stage in and around his hometown of Saugerties, NY.

Jimmi's career as a professional drummer has allowed him to record and tour the country with artists such as Krista (RCA/Jive Records), Thieves and Villains (Victory Records) and The Morning Of (Tragic Hero Records). He currently leads the east coast cast of the award-winning punk rock drum troupe, Street Drum Corps, where you can catch him banging on oil drums and pounding on kegs in the electrifying spectacular Blood Drums every weekend in September and October at Dorney Park's The Haunt or Six Flags Great Adventure's Fright Fest.

Suzanne KaneOwner

Suzanne's love of music began as soon as she was old enough to speak. After listening to the Original Broadway Cast recording of "Annie" on repeat for what seemed like years, her mother decided it was time to to take the five-year-old to a vocal instructor. Suzanne's show tune repertoire soon evolved beyond "Tomorrow" and, eventually, she began singing and acting in local stage productions, such as "Gypsy" and "The Music Man." Then, one fateful seventh grade day, Suzanne discovered KISS. At that moment, rock and roll seeped into her bloodstream and there was no turning back.

After graduating from Syracuse University, Suzanne worked in all facets of the music industry, from radio to publicity to concert booking, before taking time off to start a family. Now, ready to get back into the world of rock and roll, Suzanne, along with her husband, Jimmi, jumped into a business that will give them the satisfaction of teaching new generations to love and appreciate music.

Bruce GatewoodGuitar Teacher, Bass Teacher, Drum Teacher

Bruce Gatewood was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. He started playing guitar at age six, and developed his musicianship by learning how to play other instruments and styles of music. He furthered his musical journey through college, earning a B.A. in Music. Bruce has been performing on stage and recording his entire life. He has recorded and performed with a multitude of acts such as Roadside Alibi, Joe Colledge, Atello, Deodato, ELO part2 featuring Jose Feliciano, Delores O'Rirodan and Angelo Badalamenti to name a few. He is currently an in-demand studio musician and live performer, as well as being an advocate for early childhood musical education.

Matt AblesonGuitar Teacher, Bass Teacher, Keyboard Teacher, Vocal Teacher

Matt grew up in a house with a family of musicians and started playing piano at a very young age. In his early teens, Matt picked up his dad's guitar and began teaching himself by ear. In 2004, Matt began studying music theory and composition under Ron Frangipane, as well as classical guitar with Celso Machado and several other Brazilian, master level, classical guitar players. From 2005-2010 Matt studied music theory and composition at Montclair State University. Throughout the entirety of his education, Matt also taught privately, as well as at various different schools and academies. During this time period, Matt also played in multiple touring bands as a guitar player, pianist and singer. Matt's teaching philosophy is to use composition as a tool to fine tune lesson plans to fit every student's strengths and weaknesses, which will maximize the impact of every lesson.

Maggie CallahanVocal Teacher

Maggie Callahan is a vocalist with a Bachelor of Music degree in Voice Performance from Moravian College, with a focus in voice pedagogy and diction. While she is trained to sing opera and art songs, she has a passion for singing rock, musical theater, folk, jazz and pop. With over five years of teaching experience, she uses her classical background to teach students how to sing any genre with proper breathing and safe vocal techniques. In addition to teaching, Maggie performs regularly in the Lehigh Valley and NJ area with bands, musical theater productions and professional choruses.

Rod RiveraGuitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Born in a musical home, Rod’s father was a classical folk singer/guitarist and his mother was a semi-professional opera singer. Rod started his musical journey at the age of four, singing with his parents. He picked up the guitar at the age of seven and was taught by his father. In his early teens, he attended a music academy in Puerto Rico where he learned classical, Flamenco, rock guitar and music theory.

Rod has 30 years experience as a professional musician, performing, recording, composing, teaching, touring and producing. He is the founding member of international Christian metal recording artist Rivera Bomma, featuring members of Symphony X, Hades and the Rock of Ages Band. Rivera Bomma is currently celebrating 16 years together.

From Flamenco to rock, Latin fusion to classic heavy metal, Rod’s guitar work and music has been admired by fans and music professionals all over the world.

Brett RossDrum Teacher

Brett Ross is a musician/percussionist/composer from Sussex County, NJ who has been working with School of Rock since age 19. Brett has studied under various teachers, both local and national, such as Leo Labarge, Karl Latham, Vince Cherico, Dennis Chambers, Kenny Aronoff, Mike Mangini, Vito Rezza, Horacio Hernandez, Giovanni Hildalgo, Simon Langlois and Mario DeCiutiis. He attended CCM where he studied music recording, advanced music theory, composition and proficiency with multiple instruments. He is versed in many styles, including but not limited to Latin, jazz, funk world, reggae/ska/dancehall/rocksteady, rock, odd-time, progressive, New Orleans-style funk and jazz, country, blues, bluegrass, drum and bass and ambient. Brett continues to play out almost every weekend in the tri-state area and beyond with multiple projects of all genres.

Chino MarinSinging Teacher

Chino Marin is a singer-songwriter and film director in the tri-state area. Born and raised in Costa Rica and now living in New York, Chino has performed and worked with numerous artist in both film and music. Chino is currently in the studio recording his sophomore release, "The Lucky Ones." His first single "Change" was released in August 2017. His debut EP "Letters for the Living" was released on September 27, 2016. In 2013, Chino performed and recorded with Grammy-nominated artist Clint Lowery of Sevendust under his previous project, Statik Silence.

Aside from music, Chino also focuses his time on film. He's currently in pre-production for his first short film "A Life Worth Living." The film is slated for release December 2018. Chino's most recent film work can be seen in the documentary "Generation Iron 2" where he is credited as a camera operator. The film premiered in England back in March of 2017, and is now on iTunes and Netflix.

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