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Berklee College of Music Scholarship

It is with great excitement that we announce an exciting new dimension of the partnership between the School of Rock and Berklee College of Music. Among our shared goals is to advance the representation of talented young women in the music industry. This summer, eight female AllStar students between the ages of 15-17 will be awarded scholarships to attend the Berklee Summer Program Rock Workshop from July 15-19 in Boston, MA. Through this program, selected students will live on campus, learn from renowned Berklee faculty members, and receive a taste of the premier music education experience the college has to offer - free of charge!

During the week, scholarship recipients will receive:

- 2 hours per day, Monday through Thursday, playing with a bespoke rock ensemble

- 4 hours of ear training (musicianship class) 

- 3 hours of music theory instruction 

- 1 hour Survey of Instrumental Styles class

- 2 hour Performance Perspectives class

- Performance opportunities and jam sessions

- Culminating performance: “Live at 160” event on July 19 to take place in Berklee’s cafe performance space and will be live streamed and recorded

- Full tuition

- Campus housing

Students auditioning for the AllStars program who meet Berklee's program requirements (female, age 15-17) are automatically eligible for full consideration without needing to submit an additional application. Confirmed participation in the AllStars tour is a prerequisite to attend, and travel costs to and from Boston are not included.

We are thrilled about this partnership and encourage all eligible students to take advantage of the unique opportunity.

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