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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock Plano’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our Plano music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.

Shannon Jabczynski-AllenGeneral Manager

Shannon was born into a rock n' roll family. Both of her parents were in a band together, Mid City Rock, where mom was the lead singer and dad was the lead guitarist. Needless to say, rock n' roll is in her blood! At a young age, she developed her love for Aerosmith and Heart which are still two of her favorite bands.

A born entertainer, Shannon discovered her passion for dance when she was just a tot. Although her parents would've loved for her to pick up an instrument, they realized that dancing was her way of expression and let her pursue it. She attempted to learn guitar but it just did not compute in her brain so she stuck with movement though never walked away from rock n' roll.

When she was 16 years old, she got her first job in sales. This was something that came very easy to her and in a few years Shannon stepped into a management role. After 15 years with that company, they decided to sell the business and Shannon came to School of Rock! Funny how things come full circle in life. Starting with rock to end up in the business of it!

Jason DonnellyGuitar Teacher

Jason began playing guitar at the age of 12. Entirely self-taught, at 16, he began playing with national touring acts as they passed through his hometown of Brooklyn. His focus shifted to honing highly technical guitar skills and music theory as he grew older. In 2007, Jason was signed to an international record label (Killzone Records), and went on tour in the US and Canada, even headlining a festival.

Jason moved to Texas in 2010 and joined Ulterium Records recording artist Millennial Reign in 2015. Their current release, ""Carry The Fire,"" received rave reviews and earned them the main support position opening for Stryper’s 30th Anniversary tour (2016). Jason currently has two main projects: Millennial Reign and Infidel Rising (Alone Records recording artist), both of which are hard at work composing their next releases.

Jason has been teaching guitar for nearly 20 years and has developed simple, easy-to-learn approaches to song writing, music theory and improvising solos. While specializing in the styles of hard rock and progressive metal, Jason loves teaching many styles of guitar (including pop!) to students of any level. Jason takes pride in passing on his knowledge and industry experience to the next generation of tomorrow's superstars.

Melissa JohnsonSinging Teacher, Piano Teacher

Melissa Johnson has been classically trained in opera, jazz, musical theater and classical voice for 18 years. She first became interested in rock music when she was around six and she heard her dad play guitar for the first time. After that, she would sit with her dad and listen to him educate her on the music of Journey, Queen, Styx and AC/DC (among others). She sang in choirs with her schools from late elementary school through high school when she began teaching basic music education to preschool aged children in her community.

In 2007, she enrolled in music classes at Collin College in Plano where she pursued a Music Education degree. While enrolled, she performed with their jazz, classical, musical theater and eclectic a capella groups. In 2009, she began teaching voice as an independent instructor for high school students in and around the Plano and McKinney areas to better prepare them for their college scholarship auditions.

Music has always been a great passion for Melissa. Teaching gives her a way to pass on that love and passion to children and young adults, and that is the greatest gift one can give.

Richie RodriguezGuitar Teacher

Richie began playing guitar at eight years old and fell in love with music and playing an instrument right away. At first, he was plucking his way through 90s rock songs that came on the radio and tapes that his parents had. After a few years, Richie was starting to be able to play along with more difficult songs after he became inspired by classic rock groups, such as Led Zeppelin. Playing guitar continued to be Richie’s first love, but since there was no place for him to play with others at the time, he joined the school orchestra in sixth grade playing violin. He continued to play violin in school until 11th grade, then decided to try and pursue other musical interests such as drum line and jazz band until finally starting a high school rock band with some classmates. They played at several venues around the DFW metroplex until ultimately, after a year, everyone decided to go their separate ways.

Over the past couple of years, Richie has gained a renewed love and appreciation for playing music and has been pursuing it in many different ways. Teaching people to play music and showing them what they are
capable of, whether they know it or not, is an exciting new venture for him that he’s glad to be doing.

Glenn AustinDrum Teacher

Glenn started playing drums when he was nine years old after seeing a performance at his elementary school talent show. A student played a blue drum set along to a KISS song and he was hooked. Glenn played on everything that he could get tone out of with a pair of sticks his dad made for him out of wooden dowels. After a few years of books, pots and pans, Glenn got his first real drums at the age of 14. He started playing along to every song on the radio, learning all he could about every style of music he listened to. After playing house parties with different garage bands he and his friends put together, Glenn got a call from a real working band in the club scene. They spent the next couple of years playing every club and venue in north Texas and southern Oklahoma that would let them play. Eventually that led to Glenn’s first tour with a “road” band. After touring the Midwest for a while he got an audition with Vince Vance and the Valiants. They toured most of the southeastern U.S. After leaving the Valiants, Glenn freelanced with many artists, including two-time Grammy nominee and CMA Female Vocalist of the Year Janie Fricke, finally getting a gig with former Head East lead guitarist and solo recording artist Ricky Lynn Gregg. Glenn is currently the touring drummer for Texas recording artist Tom McKelvain and the Dirty Pesos.

Tim HarmanDrum Teacher

Tim Harman has been obsessed with every aspect of drums and percussion basically since he was born. Brought up in a musical family, he first latched onto the drums from observing the drum lines of the marching bands directed by his father. After receiving his first snare drum for Christmas at the age of eight, rhythm took over his life. He started gigging in Deep Ellum clubs at the age of 15, and embarked on his first tour the next year. In the 12 years since then, he has spent considerable time on the road with bands such as The Atom Age, PEARS, Informant, Detonate and Mose Giganticus, among others. In between stints on the road, he has been teaching private lessons, working in and operating drum shops (he founded The Ghost Note in downtown Denton in 2012), building and repairing drums, and doing basically anything there is to do in the realm of percussion. He's been busy, and never stops learning new ways to hit things with sticks.

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