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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock Palo Alto’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our Palo Alto music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.

Claudia Conrad Piano Teacher, Vocal Instructor

Claudia Conrad has performed in the Bay Area as a vocalist for many years. As the co-founder and lead vocalist of several rock bands, she wrote and recorded a highly acclaimed CD while in the group Psycho Betty, from which two songs received national attention on television and in international syndication. Psycho Betty opened for a number of rock groups, including War, Edgar Winter and Ronnie Montrose. Claudia is currently performing in jazz big bands and with Fog City Band doing rock, funk and soul music.

Rob Horvath Studio Coordinator

Robert Horvath is the Studio Coordinator at School of Rock Palo Alto. He is originally from the east coast and is a recent transplant to northern California. Robert has over 20+ years playing guitar. bass and vocals. He has played in multiple bands that have been featured on the Vans Warped Tour and cross country independent tours. Most of the bands he has been in (Deagle, Reflective Insight, Torch the Throne, Cult Classic) have put out LPs and EPs. He has played notable venues such as CBGBs in NYC and the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ. His current band is called Cult Classic.

Patrick Wallworth Drum Teacher

Patrick has been involved with music for around 18 years. His main instrument is the drums, on which he has learned many different genres and styles. Along with the drums, he taught himself how to play and read music for the guitar, bass and piano. Patrick has also sang with many college choirs like SJSU, WestValley, De Anza and Stanford. Some of Patricks's musical influences are Green Day, AC/DC, Incubus, Polyphia and blink-182. He is a drum teacher at School of Rock Palo Alto.

John Paul Jimenez-Estrada Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

John Paul Jimenez-Estrada has been playing guitar for over 16 years and has a Bachelors of Arts in Music Education. His goals at their core have always been to refine and improve what it means to be a professional musician. He specializes in making breakthroughs in left and right-handed guitar technique, songwriting, theory and musicianship. The genres of music he plays are progressive, power and heavy metal. He looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals as a musician. He is a guitar teacher and bass guitar teacher at School of Rock Palo Alto.

Julia Day Piano Teacher, Vocal Instructor

Julia Day joined a choir in 2005 and hasn't stopped singing since. She was awarded the music service award in high school and earned her Bachelors in Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Redlands. While her specialty is in Broadway and opera, she loves playing music with her School of Rock bandmates and students. Julia's favorite bands are Radiohead, The Beatles, Rage Against the Machine, Green Day and Queen. Little known fact: she is currently writing a book about classical composers and all the personal drama they endured being the rock stars of their days. She is a piano teacher and vocal instructor at School of Rock Palo Alto.

Alan Bendit Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

In 1959 Alan Bendit asked his parents if he could get a guitar and they said no, but he wanted to play so he bought a guitar at the pawn shop for 20 dollars and didn't tell his parents. He kept the guitar hidden in his closet and every time his folks would leave the house he would get out the guitar and learn a new chord. A few months later he was jamming at home with two of his buddies when his parents came home unexpectedly to find a rock band in their garage. They didn't like their music but they soon grew to accept it since they started making money at local gigs. By the time he was 18 he had played with two bands with hit records, The Rivieras and The Castaways. Playing with these groups, he had the opportunity to open for some major rock legends including Jerry Lee Lewis, The Yardbirds, and Paul Revere and The Raiders. Alan is a guitar teacher and bass guitar teacher at School of Rock Palo Alto.

Trayen Burke Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Trayen Burke is a professional guitarist, songwriter and music producer. With over 17 years of experience as a musician and expertise in music theory, advanced guitar technique and audio engineering, Trayen has a specialized skill set to offer students of all ages and abilities (especially those who want to take their playing to an advanced level). As a multi-instrumentalist, Trayen is a guitar teacher and bass guitar teacher at School of Rock Palo Alto. He is also the Music Director of the school, meaning he has a direct involvement in every aspect of the music curriculum and education on site. In addition to his musical credentials, his own professional projects have reached successful accolades such as obtaining millions of views and hundreds of thousands of streams online. His band and solo project have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the modern metal scene. If you are looking to take your playing or musicianship up a notch, book a lesson with Trayen today.

Erick Recher General Manager

Erick Recher is the General Manager of School of Rock Palo Alto. He has been playing the drums/percussion since he was 10 years old. He eventually learned to play the guitar, bass, ukulele, piano and mandolin, and learned how to sing. He went on to become a DJ and a live sound/recording engineer. He has a Bachelor's degree in Music with an emphasis in Music Tech. He has worked as a private instructor for 10 years, worked in music sales for 12 years and worked as a DJ for three years. He currently is in the band Death of a Sellout with Robert Horvath and Patrick Walworth.

Matt Pharisien Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Drum Teacher

Matt Pharisien's old band Bear Puns played their first show in Reno, Nevada at a small restaurant/bar (he doesn’t even remember the name). They played a five-song set (acoustic with cajon, guitars and ukulele) and did pretty well despite the nerves of playing for their first time together in a live setting. After the show, a guy named Ken came up to them saying how he really liked their music and thought that they had a unique sound. He told them that he had a great recording studio in his house, with a big, great sounding room, and lots of really nice mics and guitars. He offered to record them for free. The next day they went to his place and recorded two songs that at the time were their best sounding recordings. They put the songs up on Bandcamp and ran out of free downloads super quickly. He is a guitar teacher, bass guitar teacher, piano teacher and drum teacher at School of Rock Palo Alto.

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