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2020 Summer Guitar Hero Soundtrack Camp

2020 Summer Guitar Hero Soundtrack Camp


2020 Summer Guitar Hero Soundtrack Camp

Jul 27 - Jul 31, 2020

9:30am - 2:30pm
School of Rock Orangeburg 135 East Erie Street
Blauvelt, NY 10913

Looking for a creative outlet this summer for your aspiring young musician? This summer, our Rock Camps have something for everyone. Check out our camp offerings and schedule below to learn about how your child can spend what will be the most fun week of summer they have next year!

For beginners - Rock 101 Intro to Music Camps - Ages 8 - 11:
If your child is just looking to pick up an instrument for the first time and jam on their first song by the end of the week, check out our Rock 101 Intro to Music Camp . A week long full day camp where students will pick an instrument and not only get to jam with other young musicians but will get a private lesson each day on their instrument of choice! By then end of the week we put on a small in-house performance where we stun parents, friends and families with how far our young performers have come!

For Novice to Intermediate players - Ages 10 and up:
For the more seasoned young musician looking to show off some skills, we have a 2 weeks of Rock camps! Experience to be part of this program is necessary, so if you are not sure, please call to inquire before registering.

For Songwriters and Vocalists:
Finally, for the musician or vocalist looking to put ideas together into a creative flow and actually put some song together, we are featuring 2 different week-long Singing and Songwriting Camp. Level 1 Songwriting is suitable for all levels of musicians from beginner to experienced and is for younger beginners. Level 2 is for more experienced songwriters and we ask students to come prepared with sample lyrics or song parts prepared.

All camps run from 9:30 - 3pm with drop off after 9am and pickup before 3:30pm. Campers are requested to bring a bag lunch and 2 snacks for the day. Guitar players and bass players should bring their own instruments for rock camps or the songwriting camp. Rock 101 students do not need to have their own instrument and may use house guitars. Drummers should bring sticks and a practice pad. All students should bring earplugs cause it gets loud!

Come learn, talk music, play music and live music at School of Rock - Orangeburg! Space is limited so sign up today to be sure to rock the way you want to. More camps will be added as these fill up!