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School of Rock Oak Park Presents: Grad School - Show Day 2


School of Rock Oak Park Presents: Grad School - Show Day 2

Sep 21, 2019

5:30pm - 10:00pm
School of Rock Oak Park 219 Lake Street
Oak Park, IL 60302


6pm - 7:15pm: Grad School Presents: Pitchfork

7:30pm - 8:15pm: Young Adult

8:30pm - 9:45pm: Grad School Presents: Woodstock 94


Doors: 5:30pm

Tickets: $5

School of Rock Students and Kids 12 and under get in FREE



Break out the mustaches and thrift store flannels because things are about to get HIP! The Pitchfork Music Festival formally began in 2006 as a yearly event in Chicago’s Union Park, where it still takes place today. From its inception, the fest’s organizers at Pitchfork Media have been devoted to carefully curating lineups and experiences unlike any other in the city or country. Pitchfork’s magazine and website gained both respect and infamy throughout the late 90s and early 00s for their style of criticism that was staunchly anti-establishment and pro-independent music. Thus, indie and alt-rock titans from the 90s like Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, Neutral Milk Hotel, Broken Social Scene, Belle & Sebastian, and Guided by Voices have shared the bill with 00s innovators like LCD Soundsystem, Beach House, Animal Collective, The National, and Vampire Weekend. But, that’s not all! Hip-hop legends both older and newer like Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Kendrick Lamar, and Lauryn Hill have also rocked Union Park, as well as numerous electronic and experimental artists! Diversity, innovation, and style are the main undercurrents throughout the material in this show. Sign up for this show so you can tell all your friends you signed up for the Pitchfork show “before it was cool!”



Organized on the 25th anniversary of the original Woodstock festival in 1969, Woodstock ‘94 was plagued by torrential rain and poor planning, much like its predecessor. There was so much rain that the fest was dubbed by some as “Mudstock!” That being said, the massive crowds of people gathered for a peaceful and memorable weekend, soundtracked by a killer lineup of bands from across all genres and eras of rock and pop. This was NOT the violent, chaotic, and destructive disaster that was Woodstock ‘99! Classic rock titans like Aerosmith, Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan, and Traffic (as well as Woodstock ‘69 vets Santana, CSN, and Joe Cocker) rubbed shoulders with the best acts the 90s had to offer. Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blind Melon, Primus, Salt-N-Pepa, and many more bands delivered legendary performances! This fest was an eccentric, memorable, and fun gathering with a ton of character and life changing music!