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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock McKinney’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our McKinney music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.

General Manager

Colleen Holdar General Manager

Colleen Holdar grew up on the border in South Texas. She loves all genres of music, from Billie Holiday to David Bowie to Ke$ha. She tries to go to concerts and festivals as often as possible. Colleen has spent over 15 years of her life working in management positions and has over 10 years of experience with Starbucks. Colleen has worked in all types of businesses: general retail, hair salons, urban aquaponic vertical farming in India and even esports. Colleen is so happy to be with School of Rock. She knows this is the perfect place to learn what to do with her guitar. She is excited to be helping kids explore the arts and find themselves. She is the General Manager at School of Rock McKinney.

Tony Metraux Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Tony Metraux started playing guitar about 10 years ago and picked up bass and drums somewhere along the way. He grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from a performing arts high school, where he played guitar in the jazz band and tuba in the concert band. After graduating high school, Tony moved to Denton to study Jazz Guitar at UNT. Tony’s music interests are all over the place, although he started getting into DIY shows in high school. When he was younger Tony listened to a lot of hardcore punk like Bad Brains, MDC, Jerry's Kids, etc. Playing in his high school jazz band got him into jazz and during his time at UNT he listened to mostly straight jazz, with his favorites being Coltrane and Monk. Now Tony is way more into experimental music like Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra, but he also loves more accessible music like Prince, Beatles, Patti Smith, etc. He is a guitar teacher and a bass guitar teacher at School of Rock McKinney.

Zack Wiese Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Drum Teacher, Piano Teacher

Born in Seattle, Washington, the land of espresso and grunge, Zack's musical journey began. Zack's parents were huge music nerds. Zack started at School of Rock Frisco as a student when he was 13. After being there for four years he progressed into becoming a teacher here at School of Rock. He began as a drum student, but also taught himself guitar, bass and piano, and has been known to sing every now and again. He's got a good ear for all genres of music, but says his favorites would be the classics, indie rock, and garage. Zack currently plays drums in a band with fellow staff members Joaquin Reyna and Zoe Haislip, known as Post Palace, as well as plays everything in his solo project, Fluorescent Dreams.

John Curtis Singing Teacher

John Curtis has loved to sing ever since he was a child. Seeing Luciano Pavarotti one night on television as a child filled him with electricity, and although he gravitated towards rock music rather than classical, he’s been eager to share that feeling with others ever since. He took professional vocal lessons for a year and a half at Jan Smith Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, whose students include the likes of Rob Thomas, Usher, Collective Soul and Mastodon, at Oglethorpe University. John learned to harness his vocal capabilities through a dedicated, foundational approach to singing, which has served him well in gigs with his band Spaced Age, as well as in solo concerts. John can find something to love in nearly every style of music, and whatever kind of music his students want to focus on. Getting people to feel the same passion for it that he does, and have fun performing it, are his primary goals.

Michael Barrios Drum Teacher

Michael picked up drumsticks 15 years ago and hasn't put them down since. He started playing in his garage, then moved on to play in his church and school orchestra. Through his high school experience, Michael studied many genres of music and had opportunities to play at live venues, battle of the bands and even in studio work. After he graduated he enrolled in the Collin College Audio Engineering Program. While there, he played in the school's rock ensemble and recording ensemble. The past three years have been devoted to studio drumming. Michael has recorded drums for many bands and artists while finishing his studies at Collin and preparing to enroll in Berklee College of Music's online program.

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