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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock Marlboro’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our Morganville music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.


Michael Basile Owner

Mike is the proud owner of the Marlboro School of Rock and the show director for our senior performance program. His frenetic energy and dedication to music education is the driving force behind our school. When Mike is not show directing and managing local bands, he prefers to contribute behind the scenes. Mike will take credit for bringing this program to Marlboro. "I have seen our kids grow as musicians, and more importantly as individuals because of this program. How could you not want to share something like this with the community? I am proud to have been able to offer Monmouth County this wonderful new facility, and to give our instructors the environment and the tools they need to be successful in bringing this program to central NJ." Mike plays sax and guitar, can read and write music, is well-versed in recording and can change a broken E string in 20 seconds flat. Mike spent the last 22 years in a global positions at a major financial institutions. He is now blissfully happy ordering pizza, finding lost drumsticks and mopping the floor of the student lounge. He would not have it any other way.
Music Director, Multi-Instrumental Instructor

Andy Letke Music Director, Multi-Instrumental Teacher

Andy started with classical piano at the age of seven. The layout of the piano made it easy for Andy to adapt to multiple instruments. He continued his studies in college (Indiana University) where he minored in music, focusing on jazz and classical theory, composition and performance. Wanting to get out of the corn fields of Indiana, Andy moved to Jersey in 1999 to be closer to the NYC scene. Since then he's been composing and recording songs for many styles: rock, jazz, blues, Latin, symphonic (orchestral, piano), pop, avant garde and folk. Andy has been playing piano, organ and singing background vocals for Jersey-based band deSoL since 2001. Andy has toured the U.S. extensively with deSoL and has been on the road with Los Lonely Boys, Widespread Panic, Blues Traveler and The Legendary Wailers. deSol opened for R.E.M. in Mexico City, performed at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and performed for a Miami Dolphins/Jets half-time show at Pro Player Stadium in Miami. Andy went to the Persian Gulf in October of 2006 to entertain our Troops in Kuwait, Djibouti Africa, Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai and had the opportunity to visit Baghdad. Andy is very excited to share his skills with the budding rockers at Marlboro School of Rock.
Singing Teacher

Anna DeLuca Singing Teacher

Anna DeLuca is our senior vocal instructor and has over 20 years of experience both performing and teaching in New Jersey and New York. Anna comes to us with a wealth of musical knowledge and quickly became a student favorite. She welcomes new students, both experienced and novice, to join our program and truly embodies a passion for music.
Drum Teacher

Rocky Basile Drum Teacher

Rocky Basile is the compact dynamo that provides the hard driving beats behind a local New Jersey band called Mildly Medicated. Rocky started drumming at age eight and has studied under various local music professionals. He plays timpani, congas, as well as other percussion instruments, reads and writes music and is proficient in songwriting and structuring, which makes him a unique percussionist. When Rocky is not playing with Medicated, he is working on percussion parts for classical music. Rocky is an instructor at Marlboro School of Rock and has become a big hit with young beginners and special needs children. Rocky is currently pursuing his PhD and is in a research fellowship in Neuroscience at Teaneck Hospital.
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar teacher, Drum teacher

Mike Haider Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar teacher, Drum teacher

Mike Haider is our resident metal head and guitar and bass teacher that has been a staple of the Asbury Park music scene for almost 10 years. With his band Roulette, Mike has been pumping out high intensity rock and roll for thousands of fans.

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