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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock Mansfield’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our Arlington music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.

Nick Tittle Guitar Teacher, Drum Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Nick Tittle began belting out his jazzy feel-good tunes under the wing of Fort Worth local legend Scott Copeland. Starting back in 2010, Nick would rehearse on an empty stage after closing time and without an audience at The Thirsty Armadillo in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. This melodic pioneer fed off of musicians like Ray LaMontagne, Alice in Chains and Otis Redding. Since then, he has created his own unique style that is now taking him to stages in front of audiences all over Texas. His debut album, titled appropriately, "Screaming for Candy Art," hit the shelves in 2013. The tracks blast altruistic original euphonies that are a refreshing addition to the Texas music scene. He is now the lead singer/rhythm guitar player for Fort Worth band Arenda Light.

Ryan Carpenter General Manager

Ryan Carpenter has a varied history with music. Most recently performing with the local Celtic rock legends Cleghorn, his experience with music and leadership go back even farther. Ever since age 15, he has served as bassist and music director for Gateway Worship. Additionally, he takes the School of Rock mission to bring music to local communities to heart. Ryan has managed his fair share of musical situations, serving as a music director for many bands over a period of 10+ years and helping coordinate operations and rehearsals. He brings to the team real knowledge of what it takes to run bands and lead musicians to success. With his degree in Biology from Dallas Baptist University, he has a firmly grounded love for all kinds of living things and even taught science for middle and high school. In his spare time you’ll catch him practicing bass and playing video games in the company of his wife and two cats, or maybe catching up on the latest of Japanese rock music. He is the General Manager of School of Rock Mansfield.

Matthew Chapman Guitar Teacher

Winning a guitar playing competition at Six Flags at age 12 only confirmed what Matt already knew. He was a guitar player, foremost and forever. Matt shares a characteristic with Jimi Hendrix in that he is rarely seen without a guitar in his hands, no matter where he is. Quiet and thoughtful, Matt transforms on stage into a swirling note devil, sonically surfing over wave upon wave of raw powerful sound. Like Slash, he defies the predictability of category, and seeks to be completely responsive to the atmos of the moment, fast or fluid. His phrasing has an eloquence that is the voice of his soul.

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