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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock Issaquah’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our Issaquah music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.

Zakkary Hale Guitar Teacher, Drum Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Zakkary Hale was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Zakk studied with Terence Dale Hansen from the ages of five to 15. His focus was theory, jazz composition and overall shredding. Zakk’s dad was a drummer and he learned a lot from him. Zakk has done session work with Vinnie Colaiuta, Jonas Persch and Vendetta Red to name a few. Zakk was an instructor for School of Rock in Sandy, Utah for eight years before heading to Seattle and eventually landing here with us at School of Rock Issaquah. Zakk’s primary instrument is guitar but he is also an accomplished vocalist, bassist, songwriter and drummer. You can see Zakk out performing with his prog-alt band, Melodramus.

Cole Paramore Drum Teacher

Cole has been playing and teaching drums for 10 years. Having studied under acclaimed drummers such as Mike Johnston, Mark Guiliana and Robert Searight, Cole has developed a proficiency in a number of styles including rock, pop, funk, R&B, blues and jazz. You can see Cole playing live in the Pacific Northwest with artist Harrison B.

Noah Martin Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Noah Martin has read music for 25 years and is proficient on multiple instruments. He is a professional musician from Virginia Beach, VA, most recognized for his bass guitar work with Nuclear Blast Records artist, Arsis. He has appeared on releases for Arsis, Jake Dreyer (lead guitar, Iced Earth), Suspyre, Structure of Inhumanity, Dark Empire, Blood Promise and Lilitu. He can be seen in music videos for Arsis, Marty Friedman, Structure of Inhumanity and Blood Promise. In addition to a decade of international touring and recording experience, he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies of Music from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. Here, Noah tutored other music theory students, served as the sound designer for the Video Game Development Club and was invited to give a guest lecture. Securing a Sony Music internship at Columbia Records, he worked as an A&R coordinator during the 2015 Grammy Awards season. When Noah isn’t writing or touring with Arsis, he continues to make music with friends and inspire others to pursue music.

Sierra Rae Singing Teacher, Piano Teacher

Sierra Rae has a passion for music that derives from her early childhood. Sierra began learning the art of music from a very young age. Growing up she was taught classical fundamentals both in piano and vocals. At the age of 12, she branched out and began exploring other genres such as classic rock, R&B/soul, metal, jazz and even more classical. She attended Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts in high school, focusing on music theory, composition and piano. Being in a very musically active family, Sierra and her cousin Nick Petty started the soul/funk band Harlem Shuffle in 2010. They went on to gig and perform all over Utah, record demos and rough tracks, and were eventually invited to attend the NAMM Battle of the Bands in Anaheim, CA. There they won third place overall, and Sierra won Best Vocalist in the competition. Sierra got certified as a Vocal Instructor through BAST Teaching Course with Lisa Haulpert, and began instructing keyboards and vocals at School of Rock Sandy in 2012. There she met Zakkary Hale, frontman/lead guitarist/vocalist for Melodramus. At first, she collaborated and performed on Zakk's brother The Rose Phantom's albums. Zakkary then asked her to join Melodramus as the keyboardist and co-vocalist. She also contributes guitar parts and has written several songs for the band. They moved from Salt Lake City to Seattle as a band in 2015 to embrace the flourishing music scene and are gearing up to record their third full length CD/LP album with producer/engineer Matt Winegar (Primus, Coheed and Cambria, Faith No More). Sierra thoroughly loves what she does and enjoys sharing the magic of music with many other aspiring musicians.

Rahul Mathew Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Drums Teacher

Rahul Mathew is a drummer, guitarist and bassist. He is currently the drummer for two bands: hard rock band Always Naked and punk duo Karoshi. He has experience recording and performing in the many studios and venues around Seattle and is currently attending the University of Washington, studying Sociology with a minor in Music. Having participated in a School of Rock camp when he was younger, he knows firsthand how this program encourages kids to play music and find something that they love doing.

Max Cobb Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Max Cobb is a professional guitarist, bassist, pianist and vocalist based in the Seattle area. After studying jazz theory and guitar performance at Gonzaga University, he has gone on to perform professionally at weddings and events in the Northwest and Austin, TX since 2012. When he's not performing, Max teaches music to students of all ages. He's been teaching private guitar and piano lessons for over five years, working with kids, adults, handicapped adults and seniors.
Conor Fortune drum teacher

Conor Fortune Drum Teacher, Piano Teacher, Singing Teacher

Conor Fortune is a drummer, pianist and singer who just recently moved to Seattle from Chicago where he studied jazz at Columbia College Chicago. He is a proficient jazz, funk and rock musician who has had experience teaching children ranging from six all the way up to adults. When he's not teaching he plays in a local rock band in the city. Conor can teach anything from classical to jazz and is thrilled to be teaching here at School of Rock.

Shannon Asplund Studio Coordinator

Shannon was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has been immersed in music across all genres from a very young age. Joining the school choir taught her that music is a vital self expression tool and that it can bring people together. From there, her desire for those rock music has only grown. While Shannon hasn’t yet mastered an instrument, she understands that music is a diverse language and is very passionate about sharing that connection with others. Shannon loves supporting others in their own music discovery. You can count on her to be cheering you on from the crowd. She’s here evermore growing knowledge, experience and inspiring others to keep the music alive.

Preston Andersen Guitar Teacher, Singing Teacher

Preston is super stoked to be a new addition to the School of Rock staff. He grew up and lived in Sandy, Utah for most of his life, during which time he was fortunate enough to be a student of School of Rock for over five years. Getting to go to rock school after "real" school was something he always looked forward to. It was a place to unwind, both physically and mentally. That's not to say School of Rock ISN'T a place that presents challenge - because it is, and it does. In a good way, though. Music is a fun kind of focus and discipline. It's a great way to push yourself, be creative and measure your own growth. Preston looks forward to meeting you all one by one.

Shaun Crawford Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Shaun Crawford is originally from Dallas, Texas. He teaches guitar and bass, as well as helps your kids get ready for the stage. Some of his favorite groups include The Temptations, The Beatles, St. Vincent, Slowdive and Run DMC. Shaun can’t wait to help introduce your children into the world of music and hopefully a life filled with art and adventures when it comes to being in a band.

Conner Satyro Drum Teacher

Drumming since age 12, Conner has amassed a decade's worth of experience playing hundreds of live performances in varying musical contexts with his own groups, as a touring/session musician, on recordings, in collegiate settings, one-off collaborations, solo performances and last minute fill-in gigs. In 2015 Conner moved to L.A. and studied Drum Performance at Musicians Institute. That summer he co-founded YOY (formerly Pyjama-Mamas) with friends Daniel Seah and Moe Kogano. In addition to playing the drums, he has contributed to arrangements, lyrics, vocals and production to two records (Pyjama-Mamas' self-titled album and YOY's "The Inner Journey Goes Wrong"). With a background in DIY ethos, he successfully booked 32 dates for YOY along the west coast between June and December 2018, as well as helped secure radio play for the band in multiple states. Conner Satyro is a 23-year old musician, touring/session drummer and instructor with School of Rock Issaquah.

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