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October Newsletter!


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Highland Heights
10/19 "Verbatim" Grad School @ Grog Shop 7pm

Cleveland West
10/26 Grad School @ Brothers Lounge 430pm

Open Jam
11/10 House Band and Junior House Band Debut CODA 4-7pm

Thanksgiving Show Previews and Jam
11/24 Beachland Ballroom

This Month is Bullying Prevention Month!
Students have signed our Anti Bullying posters and we have lots of activities planned for the month around this topic. We encourage everyone to participate and take a stand against bullying!

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Congratulations to our 2019/2020 House Band!

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Congratulations to our 2019/2020 Junior House Band!
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Congratulations to Center Stage Artist Search Finalists Angela and Madi!
Out of thousands of entries from around the world, 20 finalists were chosen and two are from School of Rock Cleveland! Madi and Angela will be flown to Los Angeles for the final round November 9-10th. Please join us in wishing them Good Luck! We are so proud of both of these talented young people!

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Method Books:
Available to all students except Rookies: The School of Rock Method Books are a series of proprietary method books written specifically for use between School of Rock students and their instructors. These books will give students access to a structured approach to music theory, traditional notation, and development of technique that puts expertise from across the School of Rock community into every lesson room in addition to the insight of each individual instructor. The books are a tool to increase the depth of students’ understanding, organize the presentation of key topics, document and motivate student progress, ensure a well-rounded approach to each students’ education, and reinforce and expand on the techniques and concepts within students’ assigned songs and parts. There are five levels of book for each instrument (guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals), which each level covering increasingly more challenging and complex material. 


Method Apps:
The School of Rock Method App is a revolutionary tool created specifically for School of Rock. The Method App contains all of the musical exercises from School of Rock’s proprietary Method Books, allows School of Rock instructors to assign these exercises to their students, and features revolutionary tools to aid students as they practice at home. The Method App also contains part-specific transcriptions for over 1,000 popular songs that are core to School of Rock’s performance-based curriculum to help students learn their assigned songs in preparation for their performance. And of course, parents have full visibility to all activity in the app. 


Download the app in the Google Play or Apple App Store! Found under: "School of Rock Method App".

Important note: in order to use the new tools we have available, you'll need access to Pike13.  Please ask the front desk to resend you a welcome email if you've never claimed your account. This is the site where you'll be able to to see scheduling, billing, lesson notes and more!
You must claim your Pike 13 account in order to access the app!


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