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2020 Summer Camps!

Camp options in 2020, include beginner camps for brand new students, boot camps for experienced players, and songwriting camps for those wanting to challenge themselves creatively. Each camp provides opportunities for kids, such as exploring different playing techniques, getting on stage, recording a song, and taking part in various workshops.





Cleveland West 2020 Camps:


Beginner Rock Camp (June 15-19)


**Songwriting Camp (June 22-26)


**Rock 101 Bootcamp (July 6-10)


*Battle of the Bootcamps (July 13-17)


Rhythm Section Workshop (July 28-30)


Beginner Camp (Aug 3-7)


Highland Heights 2020 Camps:


**Songwriting Camp (June 8-12)


Beginner Camp (June 15-19)


**Rock 101 Bootcamp (July 6-10)


*Battle of the Bootcamps (July 13-17)


Femme Rock Camp (July 27-31)


Beginner Camp (Aug 3-7)


Strongsville 2020 Camps:


Beginner Camp (June 8-12)


Drummer Workshop (June 23-24)


**Rock 101 Bootcamp (July 6-10)


*Heavy Metal Camp (July 27-31)


Harmony Workshop (Aug 4-5)


Beginner Camp (Aug 10-14)


Top 10 Reasons Summer Camp 2019 was a Blast and you should sign up for 2020 right now!


  1. So many new friends!



2) A great opportunity to jump right in and overcome fear of the stage.



3) So many smiles!



4) It only takes 5 days to be ready for the stage:


[facebook url="https://www.facebook.com/SoRCleveland/videos/2407797302784952/" /]


5) Learning can be fun!



6) Everyone gets a chance to be a rock star!



7) The music never stops!




8) Get a healthy dose of competition in our Battle of the Bootcamps (East Vs West)



9) Get inspired to write a great song in one of our songwriting camps!




10) Lunchtime Dance Breaks!




And that’s all folks! If you need a bit more convincing, we’ve got some discounts, and it’s never too early to get excited for summer, so call or stop in anytime!




30% off first 5 students enrolled in select camps (*)


30% off first 3 students enrolled in select camps (**)


15% off sign ups before November 1, 2019  Web Code: EARLY15


10% off sign ups before January 1, 2020 Web Code: EARLY10