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School of Rock Farmington Announces Spring Season Music Programs

2020 is here, and with a New Year comes new plans, new goals, and new experiences. If learning music falls into any of those categories, School of Rock Farmington is ready to help you reach new horizons.

While we are in the process of closing out our Fall & Winter season (Southern Rock, Punk, and Fleetwood Mac) with those classes coming to an end in late February, we are gearing up for the upcoming Spring season classes that start at the beginning of March. We are excited to be exploring the music of Billy Joel, Elton John, The Rolling Stones and Jack White for the Spring season. In addition to that, our Rock 101, Rookies and Adult classes are already in full swing and are always taking in new students.

I spoke with our General Manager, Eric Cojocari about School of Rock Farmington's music education programs.

"Our goal is for the students to learn music through playing it," says Eric Cojocari, the General Manager of the school. Private one-on-one music lessons are a vital component of nearly all of the music programs here, but with group classes, the students learn even faster and build more confidence - it's a huge part of what makes us different. 

Music lessons done differently.

"It's an exciting time for the kids especially - a lot of them are having a hard time choosing which classes they want to do, because they want to do all of them!" Cojocari said, laughing. The school offers something for everyone of all skill levels. "The point of what we do is for all of our students to build their skills, whether that means starting as a complete beginner, or of they're already at an advanced skillset" Cojocari said. "In addition to learning from our experienced instructors, out students also learn from each other - it's great!" Cojocari concluded.

To learn more about School of Rock Farmington and our programs, visit us on Facebook or contact us to book a free lesson.