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Check Out What’s Happening In June At School Of Rock – Elmhurst



We are excited to officially announce our Summer 2020 show themes! School of Rock – Elmhurst will be kicking off the summer season the week of July 6th and ending on Saturday, September 26th at Jam Lab in Brookfield - a venue capable of live-streaming all of the shows on the internet! In addition to limited number of in-person audience members, we will also have an option to watch the show from the comfort of your own home!

School of Rock – Elmhurst will be doing rehearsals a little differently – we will be limiting enrollments and setting up our rehearsal space to best maintain social distancing. We will also be running rehearsals in shifts, with cleaning and sanitizing being done by our staff between shifts. Click HERE to read more about how we shall ensure customer health and safety this summer!


This summer, School of Rock – Elmhurst is proudly presenting our brand-new Songwriting Program! Designed for students with at least a year of experience at School of Rock under their belt, this combination of remote/in-person programming will guide students through the entirety of songwriting, accompaniment, and even recording! Reach out for more information about our Songwriting Program.



Heavy Metal – Tuesdays @ 3:45 PM

Riffs, baby! Riffs galore! Heavy metal and its variety of off shoot genres (hardcore, hair metal, crabcore, and so many more) is the music for those who like it fast, loud, and energetic! In this show you’ll bang your head along to classic tunes by bands like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Slayer, and more! In addition to the groovy riffs and sick leads that the guitar players will have on their plate, vocalists will learn about volume and breath control, drummers will learn blast beats and tight fills, and bass players will get some chunky low-end lines to dig into!

Blues – Wednesday @ 3:45 PM

The Blues, a genre of music hailing from the American South, forms the backbones of all rock and roll! With popularization of electric guitars and a renewed interest in American Blues musicians in Europe, Blues Rock was born! In this show, students across all instruments will learn of some of the most iconic forms in all of songwriting! Guitar players will learn some blazing blues leads, bass and drum players will learn all about the art of turnaround, keys players will be taught so many great melodic concepts and soling ideas, and or course vocalists will be howling some of the most soulful songs of all time!

Garage Rock – Thursdays @ 5:45 PM

A lot of great bands started out in the garage, but how many and the guts to stay there? Garage Rock – an off-shoot of psychedelic pop scenes mainly in Detroit and London – is not quite Punk and not quite metal but has the energy of both; not quite soul or funk, but has the forms of both, and is a powerful new thing! Guitar and keyboard players will learn cool new chord inversions and get to play with a variety of textures and effects, bass and drum players will get a crash course on staying in the pocket and playing to the song, and of course vocalists will get to dig into parts with surprising melodic heft!