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Summer Camp Social Distancing and Face Masks During Covid19

Rocking out with safety in mind.

We are delighted to again be able to play music in person. But we don't want to do so at the risk of our students' health.  Therefore we have implemented the following safety protocols in an effort to keep Covid19 germs at bay: 

1. Everyone entering the school must use the hand sanitizer provided at the front door.

2. Everyone must wear a face mask at all times while in the school. 

3. Floor markers indicate 6 feet distancing. 

4. We are only using lesson rooms that allow the teacher and student to maintain 6 feet distancing. 

5. We have installed self-cleaning Nanoseptic sleeves on all lesson room door handles. 

6. All gear is disinfected at the beginning and the end of each lesson. 

7. The entire school is misted with disinfectant spray twice a day. 

8. Guitarists and bass players must bring their own instruments. 

9. Vocalists must bring their own microphone. 

10. Drummers must bring their own sticks. 

11. We have installed plexiglass vocal booths for singers to stand behind and drum shields around the drummers. 

No one can guarantee that Covid germs will not be spread within a certain building, but we want you to know all the steps we are taking to minimize the risk in order for kids to be able to rock out and have fun.