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Everything Your Child Needs To Learn To Play The Guitar


Don't let this happen to you. 

When my son was young I bought him a guitar for Christmas. He loved it....at first. But then he asked me how to play it. Mom fail! I don't play guitar so I had no idea. I started searching for guitar lessons online and everyone was either full or closed for the holidays. 


My perfect holiday gift sat in the corner for 11 days until business got "back to normal" on January 5 and I found a guitar teacher. (Well before School of Rock opened 20 years ago!)  Not the Christmas magic I had envisioned. 

we've got you covered. 

School of Rock Eden Prairie has you covered - and it's all in one stop. Our Holiday Package includes a Fender guitar, all the guitar accessories needed to play guitar, guitar lessons in a fun camp environment and even the T-shirt. 

Gear Included: 

All of this is available to pick up at the School of Rock Eden Prairie now to give to your young Rocker on the Holiday you celebrate. As I learned 20+ year ago, the gear is only part of it. So we've combined the lessons which start the day after Christmas so your Rocker gets the most out of this amazing gift.

Guitar Lessons: 

Included in this package is a spot in the School of Rock Eden Prairie annual Winter Beginner Guitar Camp where they'll learn all the basics they need to know to play their guitar and to care for it. 

Our beginner guitar camp (ages 7+) is three days (1pm - 4pm each day) that will teach complete beginners how to tune their guitar, familiarize them with the parts of the guitar and how to care for them, how to connect the guitar to the amp and how to work the amp properly to avoid feedback and blowing out the amp.

They'll also learn the basic fundamentals of playing the guitar such as playing chords, strumming and picking while learning to play rock songs like 7 Nation Army by The White Stripes and Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones.

If you were to purchase the items in this package separately, you'd spend between $325-$350.  

We're pleased to be able to offer all of this for just $225.  We have a limited supply of guitars and limited spots in camp, so act fast - before they're all gone.  

Call 952-934-7625 or stop by School of Rock Eden Prairie at 

6585 Edenvale Blvd, Suite 100b
Eden Prairie, MN 55346



When my son was about 10 years old, he wanted a guitar and on Christmas morning, to his delight, Santa had left a guitar under the tree. He picked it up, strummed it a few times and asked me how to play it. Since I"m not a guitar player, I was of little help. 

What's a mom to do? 

I headed straight for Google to search for "Guitar Lessons, Guitar Teacher, Guitar Instructor, Learn to Play Guitar." I found plenty of places, but all of them were closed until after the first of the year or were booked up with current students. 

What I thought was going to be the greatest gift of all turned out to be a week-long disappointment; for him and me. What good is a gift you can't use? 

That's why School of Rock Eden Prairie offers a Beginner Guitar Camp every year between Christmas and New Year. December 26, 27 and 28 from 1pm - 4pm. Plus, it's divided into two age groups: 7-12 and 13-18 so those teens who get new guitars don't feel awkward in a camp of younger kids. 

This year we're thrilled to announce that we are also offering a complete package to make it easier on the parents: 

All for one great price of $225 + tax. 

The guitars and gear are in stock at School of Rock Eden Prairie, so once you buy it online you can just stop by and pick it up at your convenience. We're open 7 days a week; Mon - Fri 3-9pm, Sat 10a-4p and Sun 11a-5pm. 

Act fast - guitars and camp spots are in limited supply. 

Open to current and new School of Rock students. 

If you already have a guitar, you can register for the camp alone

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