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Beginner Guitar Camp - Summer 2019

Beginner Guitar Camp - Summer 2019


Beginner Guitar Camp - Summer 2019

Jul 8 @ 1:00pm
Jul 12 @ 4:00pm, 2019

School of Rock Eden Prairie 6585 Edenvale Boulevard
Eden Prairie, MN 55346

This Beginner Guitar Camp is designed to teach kids the basics they'll need to enjoy their guitar.

This no-pressure, non-competitive camp is strictly about immersing one's self in the joys of playing guitar. The guitar teacher has several years’ experience teaching children who are beginner guitar players. Patience, enthusiasm and positive reinforcement are at the heart of all the activities in this camp.

In these Guitar Lessons campers will learn:

  • The parts of the guitar
  • How to tune their guitar (using the free clip-on tuner they'll receive in camp)
  • How to plug into an amp properly (so they don't blow the speaker in the amp!)
  • The notes on the fretboard
  • How to play open chords most commonly used in contemporary guitar music
  • How to play the riffs most often used in rock-n-roll
  • Proper strumming and picking techniques

They'll put all these skills to use as they learn to play one (or two) songs over the course of the camp and you'll get to watch them perform at the Friday Camp Showcase!This camp is best for ages 7-15 with no experience playing guitar through students with no more than one year of experience.Campers must bring their own guitar, with a guitar strap and a guitar pick (or two!)

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