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Remote or In Person Music Lessons

Doylestown School of Rock is offering unique, remote and in person, music lesson opportunities this fall! School of Rock’s unique approach to music instruction with it’s performance based method has been helping students become musicians in our community for over 10 years. Now, during these unique circumstances and with the health and safety of our students as our top priority, we are offering online, one-on-one music lessons through our Remote Program in addition to in person lessons for select instruments. Our instructors use a revolutionary educational approach to provide a comprehensive learning experience that is fun, safe and results in strong musicianship.

At School of Rock, students become a part of a community of musicians. They learn to apply the skills they learn in their lessons through real life performance experiences. They are a part of a team that communicates through rhythm, chords, notes and lyrics. Students develop confidence as they perform and they make friends with common interests. Making music is a productive, stimulating activity that we all share an interest in!

This Fall Season, Doylestown School of Rock is offering a Remote Recording Experience. During the course, those who are enrolled will have the exciting opportunity to record the Best of the 90s. Students ages 10-18 will meet remotely for 90 minutes each week for 12 weeks. At the end of the session recordings will be pressed on an album and families will enjoy a listening party. Remote learning can be creative and fun!

Students who prefer in person rehearsals may sign up for any one of our other five in person Seasonal Shows.

Visit our or call 215-230-3406 for more information.