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New for 2021!

School of Rock Doylestown announces two new programs specifically designed for younger students, Little Wing and Rookies.  LIttle Wing is an in-person, hands-on program for students ages 3-5 that incorporates movement, music, and fun games to introduce basic concepts and instruments.  Unlike a traditional beginner music program, students learn with songs by The Beatles, The Police, and Elvis Presley among others.  Classes start 2/15/21 on Mondays 12:30-1:30pm.  Classes are limited to 6 students in each group. 


Rookies is an in-person program for students ages 5-7 years old.  Rookies teaches young, beginner students the fundamentals of music in a fun, interactive setting.  This program allows for exploration to determine which instrument a student may be drawn toward and gives students some training in rehearsal room etiquette while fostering socialization skills through a variety of activities.  Students will learn with songs by artists such as Neil Young, Weezer, Ramones, and more!!  Rookies program is available as a class or as a class with a private lesson.  The lessons reinforce the concepts introduced in the class and give students more one on one time to explore with the instructor.  Classes start 2/15/21 on Mondays 2-3pm or Wednesdays 2-3pm.  Classes are limited to 6 students in each group. 


While not a new program this year, Rock 101 has grown and a 3rd class is now open for enrollment for students ages 7-10 who have chosen an instrument.  Rock 101 students participate in a 90 minute group rehearsal and a 45 minute lesson each week.  Rock 101 students are able to explore other instruments should they wish to do so during rehearsals.  Group size is limited to 8 students so space is limited.  Students can start with a free trial lesson.  Rock 101 rehearsal is currently enrolling for Mondays 4:30-6:00pm. 


The health and safety of all students,staff, and families are top priority at School of Rock Doylestown and it has extensive COVID precautions in place.  Class sizes are small and are scheduled at times when building capacity is low..  School of Rock Doylestown has been operating at a building capacity of no more than 20% since June 2020 and will continue to do so until further notice.  


School of Rock Doylestown provides both in-person and online music lessons for students of all ages. Its programs, camps, and workshops for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults make learning music fun. As one of the premier music education and art exhibition spaces in central Bucks, we strive to connect the community through the power of music and creativity. School of Rock is the leader in performance-based music education. By combining one-on-one drum, bass, keyboard, vocal, and guitar lessons with group practices, students learn to play music from day one and put on live performances at local venues. Its experienced instructors are local musicians themselves who combine the performance-based proprietary School of Rock Method and programs with individual music lessons to get results for your student.


Visit Doylestown School of Rock website or call 215-230-3406 for more information.