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Located next to the movie theater.

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Music programs at School of Rock Clear Lake combine one-on-one lessons with group band practices

Programs we offer

Rookies music program for children
Ages 5-8

At School of Rock Clear Lake, our music program for children with no previous musical experience (typically ages 5 to 8-years-old) is called Rookies. Rookies students have one weekly group music lesson where they learn fundamentals like chords, rhythm and song structure. Kids get to learn and experiment with multiple instruments so they can later decide which one they ultimately want to continue pursuing in Rock 101.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

All of our music programs are designed to inspire students to learn and develop a strong musical proficiency. At School of Rock Clear Lake, younger students who are not ready for a more comprehensive program like Rock 101 can start in Rookies. No prior musical experience is needed for Rookies. Once your child is ready for private music lessons (typically older than first or second graders), they will graduate into our Rock 101 program.

Rock 101 music program for kids and beginners
Rock 101
Ages 9-13

Rock 101 is one of School of Rock Clear Lake's top programs for kids and beginners. Students have one weekly group rehearsal where they learn to play classic rock songs that have been simplified for beginner musicians. Additionally, Rock 101 students in Clear Lake have a weekly private music lesson with an instructor who helps them learn the concepts and skills behind their performance songs.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

Our music programs for kids in Webster are designed to get students on stage performing, with the goal of building strong musical proficiency. Younger students at School of Rock Clear Lake who have participated in the Rookies program can move to our Rock 101 music program once they’re ready. Additionally, students (typically ages 9 to 13-years-old) can begin Rock 101 without any prior experience. The goal of this rock program is to quickly develop a basic competence on students’ chosen instruments before moving on to our famous Performance Program.

Performance music program for teens
Ages 12-18

The Performance Program at School of Rock Clear Lake is our hallmark music program, where tens of thousands of students enroll each year. It consists of a weekly group rehearsal where kids and teens learn by playing rock music's most iconic songs with a band composed of their peers. Students are assigned songs and parts that are tailored to them based on their age, experience and ability to learn new skills and concepts. Students then work through their parts in weekly private music lessons, refining the skills and concepts that those songs introduce. The goal of this curriculum is to prepare kids and teens for live performances. Every few months, School of Rock Clear Lake Performance Program students take the stage and play at local Webster music venues in front of a live audience.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

School of Rock Clear Lake's music programs for kids and teens are designed to inspire by getting students on stage and performing. All of our other music education programs focus on readying students for our famous Performance Program. This is where students develop incredible musical skills. Performance Program students have often gone through our Rock 101 program first or have some previous basic music experience. These young musicians will have custom development plans outlined by their instructors with key concepts reinforced during private lessons and group rehearsals, all with the goal of performing live at a Webster music venue.

Adult music program for students over 18
Adult Program
Ages 18+

School of Rock Clear Lake's Adult Program is for students over 18 years old who are looking to either improve their musical proficiency or pick up an instrument with no prior musical experience. As with most School of Rock music programs, the Adult Program uses a performance-based music education approach. This means the curriculum focuses on learning music concepts and applying them in a live performance setting. Our Adult Music Program includes one weekly private music lesson and a weekly group rehearsal. Every student at School of Rock Clear Lake is placed in a band of fellow adults and then assigned specific songs as a way of learning key music concepts and skills. Adult students then take the stage to play at a live show in Webster.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

All of our music programs are designed to inspire by getting students on stage and performing, with the goal of building strong musical proficiency along the way. The School of Rock Clear Lake Adult Program is open to all experience levels and each student will follow a customized learning plan developed by their instructor. Adult students will work together during rehearsal to prepare for a live performance at a real rock venue in Webster.

House Band program for gigging at local venues around town
House Band
Age 11-18

The School of Rock Clear Lake House Band music program gives students ages 11 to 18 the opportunity to join a gigging band composed of fellow musicians from their school. These students perform additional live shows throughout the year. All students in the Performance Program have the opportunity to audition for a spot in School of Rock Clear Lake's House Band. Once selected, House Band members become leaders in their School of Rock community and perform live shows at TX rock venues throughout the year.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

Performance is the core of School of Rock's educational approach. Therefore, we create additional opportunities for students to perform on stages throughout Webster and the rest of TX. The House Band music program allows each school's most talented students the opportunity to join a band and play routinely in front of live audiences. Once a member, students will gain real music experience associated with gigging musicians and will become leaders and mentors inside the School of Rock community.

The AllStars national tour features the best child and teen musicians
Age 17 and Under

The School of Rock AllStars Tour takes the very best students from around the world and sends them on a nationwide summer tour across the United States. Less than 1% of School of Rock students are selected each year to represent School of Rock as an AllStar. All Performance Program students are eligible to audition for this prestigious program. The intensive audition process starts off with video submissions followed by live auditions. Once selected, AllStar students will have an authentic touring experience including traveling on a tour bus, doing tour publicity and starring in nightly performances at famous venues and festivals during a two-week tour.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

Becoming an AllStar is the highest level of achievement for a School of Rock student. They play on legendary stages large and small, including The Knitting Factory, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Troubadour and Lollapalooza. AllStar students often go on to have accomplished careers in the music industry. Former AllStars have gone on to become touring artists, star in Broadway musicals, get signed to record deals, become finalists on talent competitions like "The Voice" and "American Idol" and have other notable roles in the music industry.

Center Stage Program Picture
Center Stage
Ages 13-19

The Center Stage Artist Search Program is an opportunity to be heard by a major record label. Singers from the ages of 13-19 can submit an audition video as part of the selection process. Selected artists will then have the chance to participate in a studio recording session, and perform at a live artist showcase with record label executives in Los Angeles. We'll also provide School of Rock songwriting camp scholarships for 100 applicants. Submit your video audition today.

What to expect
  • A live artist showcase in front of record executives
  • Record in a state-of-the-art major label studio

The Path to Take the Stage

The music of legendary recording artists can be the inspiration behind many School of Rock students’ drive to pick up an instrument for the first time. This music is the foundation of our curriculum because it helps maintain young musician’s drive to gain musical proficiency. Center Stage is a program to help usher in the next generation of great artists that will one day inspire others to begin their musical journey.

Music Lessons in Clear Lake

Kid learns to play guitar at School of Rock

Guitar Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids

At School of Rock Clear Lake, we offer beginner guitar lessons for kids. Our expert guitar instructors guide your child from start to finish with private instruction and weekly group band rehearsals. Every instructor at School of Rock Clear Lake is an experienced musician, and they emphasize foundational music theory and technique when teaching guitar lessons to kids. Unlike other Webster guitar lessons and programs, School of Rock is designed to get students performing in a band.

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Adults

It’s never too late to learn to play the guitar. Similar to our kids guitar lessons, School of Rock Clear Lake's beginner guitar lessons for adults utilizes a performance-based curriculum. Our experienced instructors teach adult students through popular rock songs, and teach students to play guitar in a way that’s challenging and fun. We believe the best way to learn is by doing, which is why we combine weekly private guitar lessons with group band rehearsals. At School of Rock Clear Lake, we teach beginner guitar lessons for adults in our Adult Program. This program gets students performing onstage at a local Webster venue.

Key Concepts
  • Technique
  • Solos
  • Chords
  • Theory

Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Lessons

As students gain skills and experience, we move them along to more challenging programs at higher skill levels. Intermediate and advanced students take the skills they learned in beginner guitar lessons, and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. School of Rock Clear Lake offers advanced guitar lessons for kids and adults that teach by playing challenging classic rock songs and emphasize playing the guitar in a real music venue. Our Webster guitar teachers will work with each student to develop a custom learning plan.

Kids learn to drum at School of Rock

Drum Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Drum Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Clear Lake is the best option for anyone looking to learn the drums. Our beginner drum lessons get kids behind the drum kit and on their way to taking the stage. That’s why at School of Rock Clear Lake we combine private drum lessons for beginners with weekly band rehearsals—it prepares students to perform live. With years of experience teaching drums in Webster, our drum instructors teach beginner drum students core techniques, including how to groove, play rudiments and more.

Beginner Drum Lessons for Adults

Our drum lessons for adults are designed to accommodate all skill levels. At School of Rock Clear Lake, our beginner drum lessons for adults are built for musicians with little to no experience. We teach adults using the same core performance-based education philosophy as our drum lessons for kids—performing with a band accelerates the learning process. Adult students will perform live at a venue in Webster. Unlike other Webster drum lessons for beginners, School of Rock combines private drum lessons with weekly band rehearsals so students are ready to play in front of real, live audiences.

Key Concepts

Intermediate to Advanced Drum Lessons

More experienced to advanced drum students need a drum lesson curriculum that builds upon foundational skills and continues to grow musical proficiency. That’s why at School of Rock Clear Lake, our drum lessons are customized for each student and his or her goals. Our Webster drum instructors integrate more complex techniques and concepts—intermediary grooves, shifts, meters and more—into a student's individual lessons and group band rehearsal, and will also select more difficult songs for his or her live performances.


Kid learns to sing at School of Rock

Singing Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Singing Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Clear Lake offers beginner singing lessons for kids. Our unique, performance-based approach develops students' musical proficiency by preparing them to perform live. At School of Rock Clear Lake, our vocal coaches are practicing musicians who integrate key music fundamentals—breathing, posture and more—into a curriculum based on performing with a band. Each week, beginner singing students participate in a private singing lesson and a band rehearsal.

Beginner Singing Lessons for Adults

School of Rock Clear Lake teaches adults how to sing in our innovative Adult Program. Students develop vocal skills at a challenging pace designed to help you see results with every singing lesson. Adult vocalists learn how to keep tempo, stay on-key and master advanced vocal techniques for a powerful and healthy voice. Our curriculum teaches students how to sing by using popular rock songs that emphasize key concepts. Each week, Adult Program students have a private singing lesson for beginners and group band rehearsal.

Key Concepts

Intermediate to Advanced Singing Lessons

At School of Rock Clear Lake, our singing lessons for kids and adults are designed to help our students reach a high degree of musical proficiency. Intermediate and advanced singers take skills learned from previous singing lessons and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. Our advanced singing lessons teach students to sing by performing popular rock songs that illustrate a specific vocal concept or technique. We pair weekly private singing lessons with weekly band rehearsals with the goal of getting musicians to perform live in Webster.

Kid learns to play bass at School of Rock

Bass Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Bass Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Clear Lake offers beginner bass guitar lessons for kids that blend weekly private instruction with weekly band rehearsals. This performance-based approach results in a high level of musical proficiency because it engages and inspires students. Every School of Rock bass instructor is a practicing musician in Webster and teaches bass lessons for kids that get great results. Beginners learn to play bass guitar by using popular rock songs that illustrate key concepts and techniques.

Beginner Bass Lessons for Adults

Adults looking to learn bass guitar can enroll in School of Rock’s Adult Program. No experience is necessary in our beginner bass guitar lessons for adults. At School of Rock Clear Lake, our experienced, local bass guitar instructors have the patience and skills to help adult students gain musical proficiency. As with all School of Rock music programs, our bass guitar lessons for adults ciriculum is performance-based, and include both weekly private instruction and weekly band rehearsals.

Key Concepts
  • TONE

Intermediate to Advanced Bass Lessons

Our intermediate to advanced bass guitar lessons teach Webster students the skills they need to become the backbone of a band. Students take skills from previous bass lessons and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. At School of Rock Clear Lake, our bass instructors use popular rock songs as a way of teaching students advanced concepts and techniques. We pair weekly private bass lessons with weekly band rehearsals to inspire and engage students throughout the learning process.

Kid learns to play piano at School of Rock

Keyboard Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Keyboard Lessons for Kids

At School of Rock we teach differently than other music schools in Webster. Our curriculum is performance-based, meaning that we prepare students to perform. Our piano lessons for beginners combine weekly private instruction with weekly band rehearsals. At School of Rock Clear Lake, our beginner keyboard lessons for kids take key concepts and music fundamentals—finger placement, scales, key differentiation and more—and teach them through popular rock songs. This approach inspires and engages students, which results in attaining a high level of musical proficiency. Our piano teachers have years of experience teaching music in the Webster area, and know how to coach and motivate students of any skill level to play the keyboard.

Beginner Keyboard Lessons for Adults

The School of Rock Clear Lake Adult Program puts beginner keyboard students in a band. Adult Program students in the Webster area learn to play piano through a combination of weekly private beginner piano lessons and weekly band rehearsals. At School of Rock, our piano lessons give adult students the chance to perform in a band at local Webster music venues, taking them out of the classroom and onto the stage.

Key Concepts
  • TONE

Intermediate to Advanced Keyboard Lessons

At School of Rock Clear Lake, our keyboard lessons for kids and adults are designed to help students get results. Intermediate and advanced students take skills learned from beginner keyboard lessons and layer on more advanced piano techniques with concepts. Our local keyboard instructors are all practicing musicians in Webster, and use popular rock songs as a way of teaching complex skills. We pair weekly private piano lessons with weekly band rehearsals to inspire and engage students throughout the learning process.

Our Experienced Music Teachers

All of School of Rock Clear Lake’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. Our instructors guide students one-on-one to personalize learning, inspire confidence and build social skills.

Jeremy Horton General Manager

Jeremy is the General Manager and Regional Music Director for the School of Rock Clear Lake and Sugar Land locations. He has been a professional musician for over 25 years, played over 3,000 shows and concerts and is fluent on bass, guitar and drums. He is a freelance bassist, session musician and producer for many studios and artists, one of them being the eight-time "Billboard" charting R&B artist J Metro. In 2013 they toured Africa, headlining jazz festivals and teaching master classes at schools as part of an arts-envoy program for the United States Government. You can also find Jeremy on tour with soul country artist David Grace or his band Moses Guest that has been together for 22 years and recently completed their seventh album titled "Light." Several songs from Moses Guest have also been featured on MTV's popular show "The Real World." They've opened for several great artists, such as The Steve Miller Band, Willie Nelson,
Jewel, Tower of Power, Jerry Garcia Band and many more. Jeremy comes from a musical family. His mother is a pianist and vocalist, while his dad is a bassist, guitarist and vocalist. Jeremy’s ultimate goal is to pay it forward by giving young inspiring artists something that will be with them forever, and to bring them the same joy that has filled his life with great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

David Hernandez Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Drum Teacher

David Hernandez is a bassist/guitarist from Pasadena, Texas. He started learning music in the fifth grade, where he joined the elementary orchestra program on double-bass. Since then, he has always been involved with music, inside and outside of school. He joined with the 225 Big Band jazz band and has performed with them at various venues such as Houston Yacht Club, Petroleum Club of Houston and others. He then started to play trumpet in the middle school band, while still playing with the orchestra. David has received different awards, such as solo and ensemble and regional placements in the All-Region Orchestra throughout his middle and high school years. He also placed in the All-State Symphony Orchestra his last three years in high school. He started teaching himself guitar in the summer after graduation while attending Baylor University, where he majored in Double-Bass Performance. While there, he played numerous coffee houses/open mics and similar gigs with a group of friends. He also attended San Jacinto College Central, studying Audio Engineering and Music Compositions, and still plays with the jazz band, the orchestra and for student compositions there. He graduated with an associate's and certification in Audio Engineering/Music Recording. More recently, David is writing and building his portfolio.

Aaron Williams Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Singing Teacher

Growing up with the influence of music in his life, Aaron picked up music at the young age of 10 when he started learning how to play guitar. Aaron lived most of his life in Hitchcock, TX. He graduated from Hitchcock ISD in 2009 as the band’s Drum Major. Ever since Aaron learned how to play guitar, he set out to learn as many instruments as he could. He's now proficient on saxophone, guitar, drums, bass, vocals, violin and more.

He studied Music and Theory at College of the Mainland and is working on his Associates Degree of Art in Music. Aaron worked as an Assistant Band Director for Hitchcock ISD from 2010 until 2015. In 2015 he was welcomed to the School of Rock Team. Aaron lives with his family and enjoys playing music, spending time with his wife and son, watching anime and playing video games. Aaron has always been involved in music, playing in a few local bands in the area. He loves to teach and spread the joy of music and the ability to pass his passion on to others.

Mike McCulloch Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Singing Teacher

At a year and a half old, Mike learned to play piano. His dad was a jazz player and encouraged music always. Mike's folks were also in barbershop choruses when he was growing up. He got an appreciation for vocal discipline and harmony. At 12 he picked up bass, being a huge Rush and jazz fan, and that led quickly to guitar- classical, acoustic and electric. In high school he was first chair French horn for three years. In college, Mike studied music theory and orchestral composition, with ambitions of being a film score artist. From there, he has been in over 20 bands in 30 years, each different from the last, from jazz to country to rock to metal. Mike has embraced every genre he's ever been a part of and now enjoys passing his experience on to the another generation at School of Rock Clear Lake.

Grace Rogge Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Drum Teacher, Singing Teacher

Grace is a guitar, drum, keys, bass and vocal instructor. She started learning music at the age of 15 years old after graduating high school. In just two years she learned how to play all five instruments, along with basic theory and reading music here at School of Rock. Grace is passionate about music and she loves to share it with others.

Lauren Ware Studio Coordinator

Lauren is a singer/songwriter, poet and guitarist from La Marque, TX. With influences such as Nicole Atkins and KT Tunstall, she strives to be the greatest songwriter she can be.

Jimmie Moore Singing Teacher, Piano Teacher

Jimmie (J Metro) Moore is a "Billboard" charting singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and poet based in Houston, Texas. Jimmie began his musical training at the age of five with individual piano and voice lessons. In middle school he began to play the trombone in concert and marching band, as well as several choral ensembles. Jimmie received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Theory and Composition with primary instruments in Piano Performance and Vocal Performance from Morehouse College. His self-titled debut album, “J Metro,” released in January 2011 features the Billboard singles “Alcoholic Logic” and “My People.”

Mark White Bass Guitar Teacher

Mark White is the bass player for the early 1990s rock band Spin Doctors. He has collaborated with many musical groups, including "America's Got Talent" finalists The Robotix, The Heavy Pets, Eight53 and The Free World Jazz Ensemble. As a songwriter and bass player, he also has been an active teacher in several high-profile rock and jazz schools in Houston, Texas.

Elliot Thirsk Drum Teacher, Piano Teacher

Elliot began his musical career playing piano at age six, establishing his foundation of music theory and reading. By age 11, however, he found his true passion for drums when he got his first drum set and joined his intermediate school concert band. Since then, he has studied under a variety of Houston area instructors including Jeff Carter, Charlie Carlisle and James Metcalfe. Elliot has been playing professionally since 2008 with a number of bands, playing styles ranging from Latin and jazz, to rock and hip hop. He has also performed as part of worship groups at several churches, and does session work locally as well as at Eastside Sound Studios in Manhattan, New York.

Nathaniel Allan Schweitzer Singing Teacher, Piano Teacher

Nathaniel Allan Schweitzer is a vocalist and composer from Pasadena, Texas. He’s been singing since he was three years old in the Church of Christ. He began studying music in the fifth grade as a trumpet player in the beginner band. From there on, music has taken the leading role in his life. In junior high he joined choir, getting as far as Area in the TMEA competitions, and earning multiple gold medals for in solo and ensemble. In high school, Nathan began doing musicals every year. He has performed on many stages and in many roles, from the Mad Hatter to the Fagin in Oliver at CCCT, Upstage Arts, Pasadena Memorial High School and the Harbour Playhouse.

In college Nathan began studying voice, music theory and found composition. After two years of study, he transferred to Stephen F Austin State University with a 4.0 transfer scholarship. At SFA he composed various pieces for brass orchestra, wind quartets and some prog rock songs. In 2015 Nathan went with SFA's a cappella choir to tour around various cities of Italy, ending the choir tour at St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. That same year, he joined a professional musical fraternity, Mu Phi Epsilon, and became their chorister and conductor for a number of semesters. He graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2016 with honors in Po Kappa Lambda.

Now out of school, Nathan is a voice teacher at School of Rock, an elementary music teacher, a music director, a member of the Houston Symphony Chorus and a freelance composer, working on prog rock music and original musicals.

Michael Feighan Drum Teacher

Michael began his professional drumming career when he landed the position as drummer for the Dove Award-winning band Whitecross in 1991, which he is still a member of today. He has spent over 20 years touring the U.S., Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Canada and more. His recording experience includes being signed to Gotee Records, Toby Mac's label out of Franklin, TN, VIVA Records, REX Records, Starsong Records, Madisonline Records currently and numerous individual projects.

Michael has been teaching for over 20 years. He teaches Latin, jazz, funk, rock and more along with giving kids a huge sense of self-worth and confidence. He is excited to bring his performance experience to School of Rock.

Michael has performed with B.J. Thomas, Lee Roy Parnell, Barry Graul of Mercy Me, Tracie Ferrie of Boston, DC Talk Band and others. He performed this summer in Brazil for over 70,000 at the March for Jesus Festival. He recently played Seaside Festival Norway alongside Michael W. Smith and Elements of Rock in Switzerland. He has just returned from Sweden, where he was the drum instructor for Sweden’s Music Shuttle Rock Camp.

Josue Mancias Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Drum Teacher

Josue Mancias has been playing drums for 12 years and is currently a Music Education major at San Jacinto College. He is fluent in drums and various percussion for styles including rock, funk, Latin and jazz. Josue has performed in various ensembles and churches in the area. Other secondary instruments include classical voice, guitar, bass, saxophone and keys.

Anthony Contreras Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Anthony Contreras is a musician, composer and educator from Houston. He earned his B.A. in Music at Moore's School of Music (University of Houston) studying jazz. His latest works were with the band Oceans of Slumber. They released four albums under the label Century Media and toured all over the U.S. and Europe. His band toured with big acts such as Evergrey, Enslaved, Epica and Insomnium.

Jordan Wright Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Jordan has played guitar for 16 years and bass for 12. As an in-demand musician, Jordan has played in countless Houston projects including The Psychodillos, Human Instrumentality Project, MacAdams, Don't Worry ‘Bout It, and Wasi Townsend and Madlove. He has also backed several Texas artists, including Michael Shanks and Clara McVille. Jordan is audio certified through HCC, where he also studied Music Theory and Arrangement. You may have seen and heard Jordan doing the sound mixing at the legendary downtown Houston venue Last Concert Cafe. He’s worked with all kinds of artists, including Moses Guest, Ivan Neville, Carolyn Wonderland, (Dave Matthews Sideman) Tim Reynolds, Anders Osbourne, Stanton Moore, Papa Mali, Papa Gros, Eric McFadden, Jimmy Herring and countless others. Jordan loves and plays all kinds of music, but leans towards jazz and funk. He also has a background teaching in public schools and loves working with youth. Jordan is super excited to combine those passions here at School of Rock Clear Lake.

Calvin Parker Drum Teacher

Calvin's parents gave him his first drum set on his fifth birthday and he has had sticks in his hands ever since. He started playing in church as a young teen, eventually joining the snare line in high school. After receiving a degree in Audio Engineering from SCA in Raleigh, North Carolina, he made his way to Houston, Texas. At age 18 he joined his first working gig with the high-energy funk band Out of Control. Fast forward 11 years, thousands of shows and studio sessions played with multiple bands and artists, and he has progressed as a musician through the Houston music scene. These gigs ranged from small pubs to touring the whole southwest sasino circuit with cover bands. He has also been a part of multiple original groups, playing drums and providing production. He's played with bands of all genres, from the hip-hop flavored Positive Disturbance, Marauderz and CB Kings, to pop-rock acts Who is BC and Michael Flores, to country artist David Grace and many more.

Parker Sims Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Parker has been playing and loving music since a very young age. He first gained an appreciation for rock and music in general from his uncle Dick Sims, who played organ and keyboards for the likes of Eric Clapton and Bob Seger. After playing around on various instruments in his early childhood, Parker first encountered the guitar at age 12 and hasn’t been able to put it down since. After learning under local classical and jazz musicians, he began playing in local metal and rock acts as well as teaching, which he soon developed a passion for as well. He has experience playing and recording many different genres of music from metal to classical, and has logged many hours onstage as a performer.

Alyx Bridwell Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Drum Teacher, Singing Teacher

Alyx is a former student of San Jacinto Community College Music, where she studied Vocal Performance, Audio Engineering and Music Composition. She studied choral performance and jazz. She also studied piano, performed with the steel band, jazz ensemble, multiple choirs and the student composers organization. As a part of the SJCC curriculum, she is fluent in the recording arts, specifically Finale composing program and Avid’s Pro Tools, the industry standard in recording technology. Alyx is versatile in a wide variety of genres including, but not limited to, classical and instrumental, blues, jazz, rock, soul, hard rock and metal. Alyx is very active as a freelance musician and recording engineer. She has contributed to musicals, solo performances and events at SJCC's campus. She is currently working on a new metal project.

Justin Thompson Guitar Teacher

Justin has been writing songs for 15 years and has written or co-written over 100, 24 of which are registered with ASCAP. In 2015, he recorded a solo album entitled "Hymns for a Manchild." Many of the songs have been covered by various artists including True North, who covered “Mighty Bourbon," which charted number 40 on the folk charts. He has written in many styles but his current focus is in the folk Americana genre. Justin also has a strong knowledge base of songwriting history and has researched the topic extensively. His songwriting was featured on a PBS program called "Colores," where he gave a live performance and discussed his songwriting.

"Art of the Song," a nationally syndicated songwriting radio program, awarded his song “The Fat Man In the Golden Suit” second place in a political songwriting contest. A co-written song called “Try the Door” also appeared in the "Santa Barbara Literary Journal" as well. Justin has been performing with various outfits for the last 10 years, including a rock band called Damn Union and a folk trio called The Palace Flophouse. He toured heavily both solo and with other artists, one of which was a European tour with Gabrielle Louise as her sideman and opener.

Blake Jackson Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Drum Teacher

Blake Jackson began playing guitar and singing at the age of 10. Growing up in church as part leader of the worship team, he led worship and arranged the music for over 300+ sermons and gained experience in other instruments such as the keyboard, bass and drums. While attending grade school Blake participated in music electives such as marching band and jazz band, where he picked up an extensive knowledge for reading music and playing saxophone. Before graduating high school, he tried to make a name for himself growing up in different bands in the DFW area and later moved to Houston to start the semi-successful band The Aftervibe, which Blake fronted as lead guitar and main vocalist. Gathering a good following around the Houston area, Blake has opened up for performers such as Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, DMX, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, O-Town, Juicy J and other upcoming acts out of Houston. He also headlined multiple venues such as The House of Blues, Warehouse Live, Jet Lounge and many other iconic venues locally and nationally. While playing on the weekends, Blake was a guitar soloist in the ACC jazz band and even earned an award for Most Outstanding Player for the 2014 year. After successfully releasing four albums on iTunes, Blake continues to write and produce his own music while using the knowledge and experience he has gained through many years of dedication and love for music.

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We love the Performance Program.

The instructors are great with the kids. My son and daughter love it there. They have been able to take their musical aptitudes to the next level. Really happy we found this school!

Such great summer camps.

Kids had more fun at this camp than any camp ever. Plus, they took home life lessons in leadership and music interest.

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Lessons are based on each individual's musical preference. Being able to learn both theory and technique in a manner that is both easily understood and that offers enough challenge so it doesn't become boring is amazing.

Love the Performance Program!

School of Rock has the most friendly staff and excellent teachers who connect with the kids well!