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Summer 2018 Recap

It's hard to believe, but summer has officially come to an end.

This summer started with Rock the Hill in May. Rock the Hill was a day filled with music at the Varsity Theatre on Franklin Street. Featuring the end-of-season shows for the spring season- Southern Rock, Funk N Soul, Essential Floyd- we raised money for SKJAJA and The School of Rock Chapel Hill Scholarship Fund. 

We held FIVE camps: Guitar Building & Jam Camp, Roots of Rock, Green Day, Rock 101, and Rookies. We met many new rockers through our camps, and some of our students showed off their skills on secondary instruments as well.

Our House Band kept busy gigging at places like the Butner Chicken Pickin' and the School of Rock Wake Forest Grand Opening. This summer also saw our very first House Band tour, the Smoky Mountain Hop. Our House Band, The CHillers, joined forces with House Bands from several Florida locations and toured the southeast from Hillsborough to Pigeon Forge to Atlanta and back to Florida. 

We were lucky enough to host Team 7 of the 2018 AllStars at Cat's Cradle Backroom. The House Bands from our school, Cary, and Charlotte got to share the stage, and many of our students got to see the AllStars for the first time. 

Our summer came to a close with our end-of-season shows for Classic Metal and "It's Only Rolling Stones, but I Like It." 

This summer was a whirlwind in the best way, and we're excited to have all of our students back from summer vacations and get the fall season up and running. This fall we'll be focusing on the Best of Clapton and Grunge in Performance Program. We've added new songs to our Rock 101 and Adult Program setlists, and we're excited to put the new Rookies curriculum in place. 

Come rock with us this Fall!

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