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Meet Emily

introducing emily:


What was your first concert?

Rascal Flatts was my first concert. It was at the South Florida Amphitheatre, and we sat on the grass. My friend surprised me, since I was obsessed with the movie Cars and "Life Is A Highway" was really popular at the time.

what was your most recent concert?

My most recent concert was a UNC Symphony Orchestra concert. 

which concert would you rather re-live?

Oh, Rascal Flatts! Well, maybe, it depends on what the orchestra is playing, because I'm not as big of a Rascal Flatts fan anymore.

what is your favorite song to play?

Bohemian Rhapsody! It was the first rock song I learned on piano. Definitely that or Piano Man, because everyone knows it and loves to sing along. 

If you could go on tour with any musician who would it be?

Billy Joel. I grew up listening to him. Definitely Billy Joel.

what is the best part of teaching?

Hearing the kids play like rockstars! I've been so impressed overhearing what they're working on in rehearsal. I can't wait to see a show!

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