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We've had so much fun sharing why we're Thankful for music, School of Rock, and our instructors this month. We'll keep up the daily gratitude posts through the end of November. 

Read on below for just a few of the heartwarming quotes we've gathered this month: 


Why are you thankful for music?


David B., Guitar, Performance Program:

"Because it makes me happy and when you're angry you can just turn on a metal track and listen to that, and it's like, WOAH I feel a lot better now. Being able to play it too helps."

avery t., vox & keys, Performance program:

"I'm thankful for music because it gives me an opportunity to express myself."

john f., guitar, rock 101:

"Because I think it really helps people. It can help them express their feelings, but instead of just telling someone, you can say it in song."

bella J-R., Bass, performance program:

"Well, without music there wouldn't be any joy in the world, no happiness, and music makes you relax and everything."

why are you thankful for school of rock?

sabrina I., drums, lessons only: 

"I think School of Rock is a pretty fun place. I really like that there are all different kinds of instruments, and when you find the one you pick, you can do it, and you can join bands, and have very much fun."

caroline G., Keys, Performance Program: 

"I am thankful for School of Rock because I get to meet new people and play instruments with them."

kate b., Rookies:

"Because it's fun and I like my teacher."

Rachel DG., Keys, lessons only:

"I'm thankful for School of Rock, because it's really fun learning to play a new instrument."

sam s., guitar, performance program:

"I'm thankful for all the friends I've made here, and it's just a lot of fun."

why are you thankful for your instructor?

kelly r., guitar, performance program:

"I'm thankful for my instructor because he teaches me cool new songs and skills."

christopher dg., drums, performance program:

"Because my instructor- I already knew the drums- but he made me better and better, and if I didn't go to School of Rock and had a different instructor, I'd be pretty bad at the drums."

Maya K., Guitar, performance program:

"Because he teaches me how to play music, and I like playing music. It's pretty cool."

kendra a., guitar, performance program:

"I'm thankful for my instructor, because he's taught me stuff I can use in the show programs and stuff I can use outside, and how to blend them together. I've been learning a lot more from him, and it's great."



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