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Community Partner Highlight: WCHL

We'll be periodically highlighting some of our community partners, and for our first Community Partner Highlight, the choice was easy. 

The folks over at WCHL and have been with us since the beginning. In fact, our first meeting with them was months before we opened our doors in fall of 2016. Dave and Jessie even spent the morning of opening day on the air with Ron Stutts. WCHL helped us celebrate our Grand Opening, cheered us on at our first-ever appearance in a local music venue, and helped us celebrate our first birthday party as well. 

Ron and Kenny have taken good care of School of Rock Chapel Hill, helping share our mission to keep rock 'n' roll alive in a safe, inclusive, and cool space for the Chapelboro community. We're the proud sponsors of Ron's "The Music In My Head" segment where he shares the song that was on his mind when he woke up that day. We're happy, and lucky, to be associated with the great music he plays on his Morning Show. 

As a fountain of knowledge for all things Chapel Hill and Carroboro, we're grateful to have WCHL in our corner. Thank you to all the folks at WCHL that helped us turn our dreams into a reality by supporting us from Day One. 

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