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Located in the old 501 Diner location, in front of Trader Joe’s and the East Gate Shopping Center.

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Music programs at School of Rock Chapel Hill combine one-on-one lessons with group band practices

School of Rock is happy to serve Chapel Hill and surrounding communities such as Carrboro (immediately adjacent, and essentially the same town), Durham, Pittsboro, Hillsborough, Cary, and Raleigh with quality music lessons from real, practicing musicians. We teach everything from the classics of singing to piano, bass guitar, drums, and more. Students can learn popular local styles such as indie, folk, and blue grass. At School of Rock, students can perform live shows and develop their skills in a supportive and encouraging learning environment. With enough practice, they may one day rise to the level of performing at one of our many local venues such as The Cat's Cradle - a rite of passage for our local musicians and share the stage with past performers, Nirvana, John Mayer, pearl Jam, Iggy Pop, and Public Enemy.

Programs we offer

Rookies music program for children in Chapel Hill
Ages 6-7

At School of Rock Chapel Hill, our music program for children with no previous musical experience (typically ages 6 to 7-years-old) is called Rookies. Rookies students have one weekly group music lesson where they learn fundamentals like chords, rhythm and song structure. Kids get to learn and experiment with multiple instruments so they can later decide which one they ultimately want to continue pursuing in Rock 101.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

All of our music programs are designed to inspire students to learn and develop a strong musical proficiency. At School of Rock Chapel Hill, younger students who are not ready for a more comprehensive program like Rock 101 can start in Rookies. Additionally, students who have completed the Little Wing program will progress into the Rookies music program. No prior musical experience is needed for Rookies. Once your child is ready for private music lessons (typically older than first or second graders), they will graduate into our Rock 101 program.

Rock 101 music program in Chapel Hill for kids and beginners
Rock 101
Ages 8-13

Rock 101 is one of School of Rock Chapel Hill's top programs for kids and beginners. Students have one weekly group rehearsal where they learn to play classic rock songs that have been simplified for beginner musicians. Additionally, Rock 101 students in Chapel Hill have a weekly private music lesson with an instructor who helps them learn the concepts and skills behind their performance songs.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

Our music programs for kids in Chapel Hill are designed to get students on stage performing, with the goal of building strong musical proficiency. Younger students at School of Rock Chapel Hill who have participated in the Rookies program can move to our Rock 101 music program once they’re ready. Additionally, students (typically ages 8 to 13-years-old) can begin Rock 101 without any prior experience. The goal of this rock program is to quickly develop a basic competence on students’ chosen instruments before moving on to our famous Performance Program.

Performance music program for teens in Chapel Hill
Ages 8-18

The Performance Program at School of Rock Chapel Hill is our hallmark music program, where tens of thousands of students enroll each year. It consists of a weekly group rehearsal where kids and teens learn by playing rock music's most iconic songs with a band composed of their peers. Students are assigned songs and parts that are tailored to them based on their age, experience and ability to learn new skills and concepts. Students then work through their parts in weekly private music lessons, refining the skills and concepts that those songs introduce. The goal of this curriculum is to prepare kids and teens for live performances. Every few months, School of Rock Chapel Hill Performance Program students take the stage and play at local Chapel Hill music venues in front of a live audience.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

School of Rock Chapel Hill's music programs for kids and teens are designed to inspire by getting students on stage and performing. All of our other music education programs focus on readying students for our famous Performance Program. This is where students develop incredible musical skills. Performance Program students have often gone through our Rock 101 program first or have some previous basic music experience. These young musicians will have custom development plans outlined by their instructors with key concepts reinforced during private lessons and group rehearsals, all with the goal of performing live at a Chapel Hill music venue.

Age 12 and over

Our Songwriting program for kids and teens teaches the fundamentals of songwriting, arrangement and music theory, and helps students compose original works.  At School of Rock Chapel Hill, songwriting students receive one weekly private lesson where they learn concepts, technique and theory on an instrument of their choice. These principles are then applied in a weekly group lesson where students work together on songwriting exercises and lyrical workshops.  Every few months, Songwriting students take the stage to perform or band together to record their original songs.

What to Expect
  • 1 weekly private lesson
  • 1 weekly group lesson

The Path to Take the Stage

Our Songwriting program for kids and teens in Chapel Hill is designed to create musical proficiency through the creation of original music. Students at School of Rock Chapel Hill who have completed our Rock 101 program can move to our Songwriting program once they’re ready. Additionally, new students who have prior experience with and basic knowledge of an instrument can also begin Songwriting. The program culminates with a live showcase where students perform their original compositions in bands at a local music venue. Students taking the Songwriting Program online will remotely record their original songs to produce a demo of the class's music.

Remote student playing guitar
All Ages

At School of Rock Chapel Hill, our students can take online, one-on-one music instruction from the comfort of their homes. We call this program School of Rock Remote. This online music program contains weekly one-on-one instruction conducted by our expert School of Rock instructors in a safe virtual lesson room.
Students will receive their training using our proprietary education program, The School of Rock Method™, which couples live video lessons with our proprietary Method App™, SongFirst Approach™ and Method Books™. 

What To Expect


All of our music programs for kids, teens, and adults are designed to help students gain amazing musical proficiency. School of Rock’s online music lesson program is no exception. Online guitar lessons, online piano lessons, online drum lessons, online singing lessons and online bass guitar lessons are all offered through the School of Rock Remote online program.

Adult music program in Chapel Hill for students over 18
Adult Program
Ages 18+

School of Rock Chapel Hill's Adult Program is for students over 18 years old who are looking to either improve their musical proficiency or pick up an instrument with no prior musical experience. As with most School of Rock music programs, the Adult Program uses a performance-based music education approach. This means the curriculum focuses on learning music concepts and applying them in a live performance setting. Our Adult Music Program includes one weekly private music lesson and a weekly group rehearsal. Every student at School of Rock Chapel Hill is placed in a band of fellow adults and then assigned specific songs as a way of learning key music concepts and skills. Adult students then take the stage to play at a live show in Chapel Hill.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

All of our music programs are designed to inspire by getting students on stage and performing, with the goal of building strong musical proficiency along the way. The School of Rock Chapel Hill Adult Program is open to all experience levels and each student will follow a customized learning plan developed by their instructor. Adult students will work together during rehearsal to prepare for a live performance at a real rock venue in Chapel Hill.

House Band program for gigging at local venues in Chapel Hill
House Band
Age 17 and Under

The School of Rock Chapel Hill House Band music program gives students under 18 the opportunity to join a gigging band composed of fellow musicians from their school. These students perform additional live shows throughout the year. All students in the Performance Program have the opportunity to audition for a spot in School of Rock Chapel Hill's House Band. Once selected, House Band members become leaders in their School of Rock community and perform live shows at NC rock venues throughout the year.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

Performance is the core of School of Rock's educational approach. Therefore, we create additional opportunities for students to perform on stages throughout Chapel Hill and the rest of NC. The House Band music program allows each school's most talented students the opportunity to join a band and play routinely in front of live audiences. Once a member, students will gain real music experience associated with gigging musicians and will become leaders and mentors inside the School of Rock community.

The AllStars national tour features the best child and teen musicians
Age 17 and Under

The School of Rock AllStars Tour takes the very best students from around the world and sends them on a nationwide summer tour across the United States. Less than 1% of School of Rock students are selected each year to represent School of Rock as an AllStar. All Performance Program students are eligible to audition for this prestigious program. The intensive audition process starts off with video submissions followed by live auditions. Once selected, AllStar students will have an authentic touring experience including traveling on a tour bus, doing tour publicity and starring in nightly performances at famous venues and festivals during a two-week tour.

What To Expect

The Path to Take the Stage

Becoming an AllStar is the highest level of achievement for a School of Rock student. They play on legendary stages large and small, including The Knitting Factory, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Troubadour and Lollapalooza. AllStar students often go on to have accomplished careers in the music industry. Former AllStars have gone on to become touring artists, star in Broadway musicals, get signed to record deals, become finalists on talent competitions like "The Voice" and "American Idol" and have other notable roles in the music industry.

Music Lessons in Chapel Hill

Kid learns to play guitar at School of Rock Chapel Hill

Guitar Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids

At School of Rock Chapel Hill, we offer beginner guitar lessons for kids. Our expert guitar instructors guide your child from start to finish with private instruction and weekly group band rehearsals. Every instructor at School of Rock Chapel Hill is an experienced musician, and they emphasize foundational music theory and technique when teaching guitar lessons to kids. Unlike other Chapel Hill guitar lessons and programs, School of Rock is designed to get students performing in a band.

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Adults

It’s never too late to learn to play the guitar. Similar to our kids guitar lessons, School of Rock Chapel Hill's beginner guitar lessons for adults utilizes a performance-based curriculum. Our experienced instructors teach adult students through popular rock songs, and teach students to play guitar in a way that’s challenging and fun. We believe the best way to learn is by doing, which is why we combine weekly private guitar lessons with group band rehearsals. At School of Rock Chapel Hill, we teach beginner guitar lessons for adults in our Adult Program. This program gets students performing onstage at a local Chapel Hill venue.

Key Concepts
  • Technique
  • Solos
  • Chords
  • Theory

Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Lessons

As students gain skills and experience, we move them along to more challenging programs at higher skill levels. Intermediate and advanced students take the skills they learned in beginner guitar lessons, and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. School of Rock Chapel Hill offers advanced guitar lessons for kids and adults that teach by playing challenging classic rock songs and emphasize playing the guitar in a real music venue. Our Chapel Hill guitar teachers will work with each student to develop a custom learning plan.

Kids learn to drum at School of Rock Chapel Hill

Drum Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Drum Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Chapel Hill is the best option for anyone looking to learn the drums. Our beginner drum lessons get kids behind the drum kit and on their way to taking the stage. That’s why at School of Rock Chapel Hill we combine private drum lessons for beginners with weekly band rehearsals—it prepares students to perform live. With years of experience teaching drums in Chapel Hill, our drum instructors teach beginner drum students core techniques, including how to groove, play rudiments and more.

Beginner Drum Lessons for Adults

Our drum lessons for adults are designed to accommodate all skill levels. At School of Rock Chapel Hill, our beginner drum lessons for adults are built for musicians with little to no experience. We teach adults using the same core performance-based education philosophy as our drum lessons for kids—performing with a band accelerates the learning process. Adult students will perform live at a venue in Chapel Hill. Unlike other Chapel Hill drum lessons for beginners, School of Rock combines private drum lessons with weekly band rehearsals so students are ready to play in front of real, live audiences.

Key Concepts

Intermediate to Advanced Drum Lessons

More experienced to advanced drum students need a drum lesson curriculum that builds upon foundational skills and continues to grow musical proficiency. That’s why at School of Rock Chapel Hill, our drum lessons are customized for each student and his or her goals. Our Chapel Hill drum instructors integrate more complex techniques and concepts—intermediary grooves, shifts, meters and more—into a student's individual lessons and group band rehearsal, and will also select more difficult songs for his or her live performances.


Kid learns to sing at School of Rock Chapel Hill

Singing Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Singing Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Chapel Hill offers beginner singing lessons for kids. Our unique, performance-based approach develops students' musical proficiency by preparing them to perform live. At School of Rock Chapel Hill, our vocal coaches are practicing musicians who integrate key music fundamentals—breathing, posture and more—into a curriculum based on performing with a band. Each week, beginner singing students participate in a private singing lesson and a band rehearsal.

Beginner Singing Lessons for Adults

School of Rock Chapel Hill teaches adults how to sing in our innovative Adult Program. Students develop vocal skills at a challenging pace designed to help you see results with every singing lesson. Adult vocalists learn how to keep tempo, stay on-key and master advanced vocal techniques for a powerful and healthy voice. Our curriculum teaches students how to sing by using popular rock songs that emphasize key concepts. Each week, Adult Program students have a private singing lesson for beginners and group band rehearsal.

Key Concepts

Intermediate to Advanced Singing Lessons

At School of Rock Chapel Hill, our singing lessons for kids and adults are designed to help our students reach a high degree of musical proficiency. Intermediate and advanced singers take skills learned from previous singing lessons and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. Our advanced singing lessons teach students to sing by performing popular rock songs that illustrate a specific vocal concept or technique. We pair weekly private singing lessons with weekly band rehearsals with the goal of getting musicians to perform live in Chapel Hill.

Kid learns to play bass at School of Rock Chapel Hill

Bass Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Bass Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Chapel Hill offers beginner bass guitar lessons for kids that blend weekly private instruction with weekly band rehearsals. This performance-based approach results in a high level of musical proficiency because it engages and inspires students. Every School of Rock bass instructor is a practicing musician in Chapel Hill and teaches bass lessons for kids that get great results. Beginners learn to play bass guitar by using popular rock songs that illustrate key concepts and techniques.

Beginner Bass Lessons for Adults

Adults looking to learn bass guitar can enroll in School of Rock’s Adult Program. No experience is necessary in our beginner bass guitar lessons for adults. At School of Rock Chapel Hill, our experienced, local bass guitar instructors have the patience and skills to help adult students gain musical proficiency. As with all School of Rock music programs, our bass guitar lessons for adults ciriculum is performance-based, and include both weekly private instruction and weekly band rehearsals.

Key Concepts
  • TONE

Intermediate to Advanced Bass Lessons

Our intermediate to advanced bass guitar lessons teach Chapel Hill students the skills they need to become the backbone of a band. Students take skills from previous bass lessons and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. At School of Rock Chapel Hill, our bass instructors use popular rock songs as a way of teaching students advanced concepts and techniques. We pair weekly private bass lessons with weekly band rehearsals to inspire and engage students throughout the learning process.

Kid learns to play piano at School of Rock Chapel Hill

Keyboard Lessons for All Skill Levels

Beginner Keyboard Lessons for Kids

At School of Rock we teach differently than other music schools in Chapel Hill. Our curriculum is performance-based, meaning that we prepare students to perform. Our piano lessons for beginners combine weekly private instruction with weekly band rehearsals. At School of Rock Chapel Hill, our beginner keyboard lessons for kids take key concepts and music fundamentals—finger placement, scales, key differentiation and more—and teach them through popular rock songs. This approach inspires and engages students, which results in attaining a high level of musical proficiency. Our piano teachers have years of experience teaching music in the Chapel Hill area, and know how to coach and motivate students of any skill level to play the keyboard.

Beginner Keyboard Lessons for Adults

The School of Rock Chapel Hill Adult Program puts beginner keyboard students in a band. Adult Program students in the Chapel Hill area learn to play piano through a combination of weekly private beginner piano lessons and weekly band rehearsals. At School of Rock, our piano lessons give adult students the chance to perform in a band at local Chapel Hill music venues, taking them out of the classroom and onto the stage.

Key Concepts
  • TONE

Intermediate to Advanced Keyboard Lessons

At School of Rock Chapel Hill, our keyboard lessons for kids and adults are designed to help students get results. Intermediate and advanced students take skills learned from beginner keyboard lessons and layer on more advanced piano techniques with concepts. Our local keyboard instructors are all practicing musicians in Chapel Hill, and use popular rock songs as a way of teaching complex skills. We pair weekly private piano lessons with weekly band rehearsals to inspire and engage students throughout the learning process.

Our Experienced Music Teachers

All of School of Rock Chapel Hill’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. Our instructors guide students one-on-one to personalize learning, inspire confidence and build social skills.

Singing Teacher, Keyboard Teacher, Guitar Teacher Anna Cobb

Anna Cobb Singing Teacher, Keyboard Teacher, Guitar Teacher

Anna currently resides in Hillsborough, NC, but grew up in places all over the country, even spending a year studying internationally in Helsinki, Finland. Inspired by her father's musical interests, Anna's passion for music began at a young age and only grew as she developed a love for all genres of music, from Folk Punk to Metal. Her primary instrument is voice, but she also teaches some piano and guitar.

Anna began vocal instruction in high school and is currently on academic leave from St Olaf College after finishing her sophomore year. She has sung in a cappella groups and various choirs in high school, as well as Manitou, Cantorai, and Gospel Choir at St Olaf. Her favorite performance remains her show with the St Olaf Jazz ensemble, just two months before COVID shut everything down. In college, Anna studies piano, voice, and music theory, but also majors in Sociology and Anthropology, even developing an interest in Nordic Studies.

As a teacher, Anna wants all students to know that the paths for pursuing music are endless, and wants to help kids find whichever one that may be. When she is not teaching, she can be found reading (probably a comic book), drawing, or jamming to some music in her hammock.

Austin Riopel Show Director, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Singing Teacher

Austin Riopel is a guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and songwriter living in Durham, North Carolina. He started taking guitar lessons at 11, played his first gig at 13, and has gone on to play with various groups on many different kinds of stages, from tiny corners in cramped clubs to larger and more established venues like New York City’s Bowery Ballroom, Raleigh’s Lincoln Theater, and the Haw River Ballroom in Saxapahaw, NC.

Austin has had many musical heroes over the years, starting with classic rock icons like Jimmy Page, Neil Young, and Janis Joplin. Over the course of his musical journey, he has maintained his affinity for those original inspirations while expanding his palette by studying composition, theory, and jazz guitar at The College of William and Mary and by playing in a gypsy and western swing outfit led by Ray Tate, former head of the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago and guitar mentor to John Prine and many others.

Austin is currently one half of the indie-rock duo Certain Seas and sound-person at The Cave in Chapel Hill. He is grateful for everything that music has brought to his life and excited for the opportunity to share his knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm with others as they progress in their own creative development as musicians and members of their communities.

Charlie Garnett Show Director, Bass Guitar, Guitar and Drum Teacher

Charlie Garnett is originally from Hickory, NC and recently graduated from UNC - Chapel Hill. He has played guitar since his elementary days when he first found interest in music through bands like Rush, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and Led Zeppelin. In high school he began to play drum set and joined the high school drum-line, playing the quints. During college Charlie began to study jazz guitar and funk bass, and performed in the UNC jazz combos for three years. Throughout high school and college Charlie performed in numerous bands with genres including progressive rock, funk, jazz fusion and folk. He loves to compose music and improvise, and finds solace in a good song. Charlie likes to share musical ideas, compositions and a love for sonic experiences with others. He is a guitar teacher, bass guitar teacher and drum teacher at School of Rock Chapel Hill.
Show Director, Guitar Teacher, B ass Guitar Teacher Chip GrawOzburn

Chip GrawOzburn Show Director, Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Chip GrawOzburn is a guitarist and songwriter originally from the cold northern farm valleys around La Crosse, Wisconsin. He has lived in the Chapel Hill area with his wife and two children for over 11 years. He has taught various guitar students on a one-to-one basis over the last 20+ years. He is extremely excited to teach and share his love of the instrument with the School of Rock community and students.

Chip began playing guitar in 1986 as a freshman in high school and immediately began playing in jam bands. While working towards his Associate degree in communications and broadcasting after high school, he frequented the music scene around the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Minneapolis gave him an opportunity to play a variety of styles from rock, reggae, and funk to acoustic styles. After broadcasting school, Chip built a recording studio (Citrus Productions) and worked with a writing partner writing songs and recording. He tightened up his guitar playing, learned to play some bass and became a studio rat, programming keyboards, drums and various other sounds.

Christian Cail Show Director, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Piano Teacher

Christian Cail is from the small town of Mount Airy, North Carolina. He began playing guitar late in elementary school and had a singular interest in music throughout middle school, which eventually led him to attend the University of North Carolina School of Arts for high school. There he played in jazz combos, the UNCSA Jazz Band, a classical guitar trio and began to compose music. He was also surrounded by artists and young intellectuals, which had a major impact on his life. He currently attends UNC Chapel Hill for Music Composition and has performed with the UNC Chamber Singers, the UNC Gamelan Ensemble and in the UNC Jazz Combo. He also studied abroad in London and Florence, studying opera among other things in the Burch Honor Program. He also plays in several bands of varying styles of music from punk to avant-garde contemporary classical music. Christian enjoys composition and improvisation in many styles of music, from free improvised music to Renaissance, jazz, rock and blues. Some of his other interests include political economy, history and philosophy.

David Joseph Owner and General Manager

David Joseph is passionate about rock and roll. It’s been that way forever. His favorite teenage memories involve playing the drums with his bandmates. Almost 20 years ago he made Chapel Hill his family home. He loves the community and its vibrant musical scene. Opening a School of Rock in Chapel Hill is more than a business opportunity for him. It's a musical mission to give back.

School of Rock Chapel Hill is here to share the joy and passion of rock and roll music with our friends and neighbors! We hope to see you here soon.
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher David Kaminski

David Kaminski Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

David Kaminski started playing guitar when he was 9 years old. He bought his first bass in 9th grade when his group of friends needed a bass player for their high school Rock band. This led to playing bass in various bands as well as more serious study, playing bass in the high school Jazz ensemble and later in college Jazz ensemble. David has an eclectic background that includes work at a summer camp, where he played in and led the camp 'house band'. He has played in many venues and music festivals with previous bands and recorded in professional settings. He plays a range of Blues, Jazz, & Rock, with a love for improv and the jam band genre. He teaches bass and guitar at School of Rock Chapel Hill.
Piano, Singing and Guitar Teacher Gabriel Reynolds

Gabriel Reynolds Piano, Singing and Guitar Teacher

Gabriel Reynolds is a pianist and singer with over ten years of live performance experience. Since graduating from the University of North Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Music in 2013, he’s done a bit of everything in music, from working at recording studio BNB Audio to booking for Carrboro bar 2nd Wind to producing other artists’ work to playing in multiple bands. He loves collaborating and building artistic experiences together, with one of his proudest experiences being the White Album 50th Anniversary Concert he organized in 2018, where he organized a house band to help him and nine other local artists cover all 30 of the album’s songs (yes, even that song) to raise money for the Compass Center for Women and Families. He currently performs as Wake Moody and released his debut EP under that name in 2019; he’s also been a resident member of many bands including XOXOK, Matt Phillips, Emily Musolino, Morning Brigade, T0W3RS, and more. While Gabriel spent time focusing on jazz and classical music at UNC, his biggest genre loves are pop, rock and R&B/soul, with a particular passion for music theory, arrangement, and songwriting. Gabriel knows it’s a privilege and a joy to play music and is excited to pass that joy and empowerment along to others.

Georgia Hertz Show Director, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Singing and Piano Teacher

Georgia hails from Clemmons, NC and spent most of her time as a child playing piano and catching critters outside. Her father taught her how to play the 12-bar blues at age 4, and there was no going back after that. At 11 she moved on to alto saxophone, by 13 she had her first guitar, and when it came time to graduate high school she turned in an acoustic demo CD of original music recorded in a small Winston-Salem studio as her senior project. Much to her parents' amusement, she and her brother formed a short-lived band called Crash where she played rhythm guitar and sang harmonies.

She moved to South Carolina to continue her education at the College of Charleston in 2011 and became involved in the school's pep band and wind ensembles with alto sax. She also picked up bass guitar and ukulele at this time, joined a folk-punk band called Rigours, and toured SC and NC during her college career. Upon graduating with a BA in History, she attempted to do the historic tour guide thing - but music wouldn't let her be. She then joined folk-singer Avi Jacob as a bassist when he toured the Southeast in 2015.

In the fall of 2019, Georgia finally released her self-titled EP. She sang and played all the instruments under the name Georgia Moon. She is keen on songwriting and lyricism, and understands that sometimes musical passion must be paired with patience in order to manifest the best!

Haleigh McGuire Assistant General Manager

Haleigh McGuire was born in Charleston, SC and was raised in Virginia Beach, VA. Her love for music started at a young age and has grown immensely since. From world-known musicians to local bands, she enjoys celebrating with them all. Her love for children began with her first job at a daycare center when she was a teenager and has blossomed in her work and home life ever since. Haleigh has a passion for customer service. She has been putting smiles on faces for over 11 years, culminating in her most recent role as Store Manager at Claire's. She is driven to bring happiness to everyone she meets. Haleigh and her husband moved to Durham in 2016, and continue to be in awe of the scenery and atmosphere of the Triangle. She is eager to start a new journey with the awesome School of Rock Chapel Hill community as the Assistant General Manager.
Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher Haylie Fehl

Haylie Fehl Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Haylie Fehl is from Asheville, North Carolina and currently studies Exercise and Sport Science and Music at UNC - Chapel Hill. She started playing classical guitar at age seven and has continued her formal classical training to present day. She is currently a member of the UNC Guitar Ensemble. Throughout middle school and high school, she played in several rock ensembles (affiliated with local music schools) and rock bands (unaffiliated) with her friends and performed regularly around Asheville. She is currently in two bands with fellow UNC students and enjoys playing everything from funk and jazz to punk and alternative rock. Two of her biggest guitar influences are Randy Rhoads and Tom Misch, and she tries to incorporate elements from both of their styles in her playing. Haylie enjoys blending genres and using her classical training to shape how she writes songs for her current bands, even though they primarily play funk and indie rock. When she’s not playing guitar, Haylie spends her time studying for her pre-med courses and having fun outside with friends and family.

Jake Waits Show Director, Drum, Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Singing Teacher

Back in the 1990s Jake Waits started playing drums on his older cousin's kit by sneaking into the basement during holiday visits and stealthily learning how to beat Queen's "We Will Rock You" with brushes. Unconvinced there existed a worthier pursuit than music, he began to study percussion in his sixth grade concert band. His studies have since forayed into styles and techniques like rock, jazz, funk, folk, blues, metal, various hand-drumming, rudimental marching percussion, classical percussion and musical theater. Jake has had the good fortune to study and work under the tutelage of Matt Savage, Alan Keown, Lynn Glassock, Dr. Juan Álamo and Cameron Britt. In addition to teaching, Jake currently helps out at Schoolkids Records in Chapel Hill and plays drums for music projects Happy Abandon and the Tan and Sober Gentlemen. He is a guitar teacher, bass guitar teacher, drum teacher, piano teacher and vocal instructor at School of Rock Chapel Hill.

Justin Ellis Music Director, Show Director, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Drum and Singing Teacher

Justin Ellis is a multi-instrumentalist who has lived in the NC Triangle for the past 20 years. Primarily a bass player and vocalist, Justin spent his formative years performing in various school choirs, a cappella groups, marching bands, jazz combos, and musicals throughout high school and college. Since graduating from UNC in 2013, Justin has spent a good chunk of his 20s thus far riding around in vans playing clubs and music venues all over the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom,and even the Netherlands with a variety of rock bands. Currently, Justin plays bass for the Chapel Hill indie-rock band Happy Abandon, bass in the Atlanta dream pop group Easter Island and drums as part of the backing band for Durham singer-songwriter Al Riggs. Justin has shared stages and green rooms at home and on the road with such acts as The Mountain Goats, Cindy Wilson (of the B-52s), Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Mundy, The Love Language and more, and has performed everywhere from The Cat's Cradle to Carnegie Hall. Justin is a proud alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Media Production / Music / History '13) and in his spare time enjoys hiking, exploring the Triangle's food and music scene, and writing, recording and performing his own music as Ravary.
Drum, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Singing Teacher Kurt Stracener

Kurt Stracener Drum, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Singing Teacher

Kurt Stracener is originally from Hickory, NC and started playing drums and guitar when he was around 10 years old. Kurt grew up listening to all kinds of music and has been playing in bands since he was in elementary school. Kurt took private lessons in high school and studied drums. He has been playing gigs since high school and along the way he met a few mentors who would teach him how to perform and be a better human. Kurt decided to study from those mentors rather than attending music school because he felt that he was getting a great education through playing gigs and being around musicians who were more experienced than he was. Kurt currently plays drums and guitar in a few different groups. Playing genres such as jazz, folk, rock, blues, bluegrass, and funk. Kurt loves to write music, improvise, and play with others.
Studio Coordinator Mary Grace Bauer

Mary Grace Bauer Studio Coordinator

Mary Grace Bauer is from the birthplace of Rock and Roll - Cleveland, Ohio. She was born into her love for music. Mary Grace is a violinist, singer, and songwriter with a passion for inclusive music education and making sure people feel loved. 'MG' moved to Hillsborough, NC in 2014 and began working in the restaurant industry. She has kept her hands in the customer service world ever since. Mary Grace is pursuing her library sciences degree while singing in the car as much as she can. She is so excited to meet the coolest of kids and listen to the raddest of tunes, here at School of Rock Chapel Hill!

Matthew Greenslade Guitar Teacher, Keyboard Teacher, Singing Teacher

Matthew Greenslade is a North Carolina native singer-songwriter based right here in Chapel Hill. His primary instruments are guitar and keyboard but he is first and foremost a vocalist. He started singing early in his childhood, often harmonizing with his three brothers and performing in church. By the age of 11 he had auditioned and been accepted into the North Carolina Boys Choir. He went on to sing throughout high school, forming his own a cappella and barbershop groups. Arranging music and harmonizing became a passion for him during these years. In college he minored in Music while developing his song craft and making periodic appearances at local open mics.

After college he dug in on honing his keyboard and guitar skills while playing with Bevel Summers, an Americana and folk band based in Chapel Hill. As a band they recorded two albums and played shows all over the east coast, from South Carolina up to Vermont, notably playing one show in DC to an entirely deaf audience. Since then he has formed his own projects and is currently working on writing and recording a solo album. His experiences have given him a deep appreciation of harmony and for the ways melody and harmony work together to create the complex colors in each song. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of harmony, melody, music theory and vocal technique with other passionate, aspiring musicians as a guitar teacher, piano teacher and vocal instructor at School of Rock Chapel Hill.
Singing, Piano and Guitar Teacher Mia Yara

Mia Yara Singing, Piano and Guitar Teacher

Mia is from Charlotte, NC. She is currently attending UNC and is studying Business, Creative Writing, and Music. Mia grew up in a musical family participating in musical theater and several instrument lessons- cello, violin, guitar, and piano. She was in an all-girl rock band with her sister and friends, the Controll Freex, from ages 9 to 15. She is currently a member of Faux Funk, a jazz, funk, and blues band that occasionally takes rock songs and twists them into funk. Mia has taught instrument and voice lessons since she was 12, and professionally since she was in high school with a focus on composition. Besides all things music, Mia's other interests include art, writing, and animals.

Will Kitchin Drum and Piano Teacher

Will grew up in Greenville, North Carolina where he got his start reading music by playing in a middle school band. Like many kids who grew up in suburban areas, he learned his rudiments and developed his reading through his high school drumline. Being immersed in 90s alternative music, a huge part of his adolescence was spent playing in original rock groups. Will attended East Carolina University in 1999, where he studied percussion under Jonathan Wacker. He participated in various ensembles including the ECU Wind, percussion and a few music theater productions. In 2000, he was also fortunate to play in the WGI group Carolina Thunder Percussion Ensemble, led by Scotty Cells. Ultimately, though, Will gravitated towards jazz as his primary focus for his music degree. His concentration in Jazz Performance gave him the opportunity to study and interact with many world class musicians such as Caroll Dashiell, Paul Tardif and Stephen Riley.
Upon graduation in 2005, Will taught privately in the Greenville area and performed/traveled in local funk groups Dystonic and Blount Harvey. In recent years, Will has worked on cruise ships. In that setting, he has accompanied a variety of singers and instrumentalists, all while traveling the world. He has also lived briefly in the NYC area, where he accompanied plays for the STC, an independent theater group. When not working on cruise ships, he has spent most of his time playing jazz gigs and writing/recording music for his art rock/indie project Angel Boy Cow. As a teacher, Will attempts to show that the best and most compelling drumming is often made up of simple musical phrases. Mostly, he tries to make learning drums fun and inspire creativity for students of any age bracket or experience level.

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