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Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock has experienced music instructors

Our Experienced Music Instructors

School of Rock Arlington Heights’s music teachers are experienced musicians devoted to helping students attain musical proficiency. From singing to drums to guitar, our Arlington Heights music instructors inspire and teach students to perform live.

Ryan Yueill Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Ukulele Teacher

Ryan has been playing guitar for 15 years and has turned his passion into his life. While studying music performance at Columbia College Chicago, Ryan has turned teaching into his full-time job. Ryan has studied and has played all different types of guitar including jazz, fold, bluegrass, classical and rock. Ryan has been a guitar teacher locally for eight years which has allowed him to give unique, fun lessons that cater to each and every student. He also performs as a singer-songwriter in the Chicago area, with three recorded albums of original music. Ryan is a guitar teacher, a bass teacher and a ukulele teacher, as well as a mandolin teacher. Ryan has led numerous successful performance groups, covering music from every genre. Ryan has taught at School of Rock Arlington Heights for over four years.

Rachel Quinn Vocal Instructor, Assistant General Manager

Rachel Quinn is one of our school’s primary vocal teachers and is an Assistant General Manager at School of Rock Arlington Heights. Rachel is a singer and songwriter specializing in voice training for contemporary music. She started her musical journey at the age of five and has performed with various rock and metal groups in and around the Baltimore and Chicago metropolitan areas. Her projects have given her the opportunity of performing with Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio), and opening for acts such as Queensryche, Warrant and Saxon.

She is an accomplished musician with eight collective years of training and is well-versed in all genres. She currently performs with Chicago heavy metal band Shokker, and has a love for hard rock and heavy metal music. Rachel loves her position as an instructor and is open to teaching people of all backgrounds and levels of experience. Rachel loves developing student’s skills and watching them grow professionally and personally. Rachel has been successfully teaching vocal students for over 10 years and has run several successful performance groups as well as songwriting workshops and camps.

Kevin Decker Bass Guitar Teacher

Kevin has been teaching and performing professionally in original and cover bands since he was just 15 years old. Kevin earned his Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College in Chicago, concentrating on Instrumental Performance, Jazz Studies and Music Composition. You can catch Kevin’s multiple original and cover projects playing venues around Chicagoland, and at festivals including PitchFork and South by Southwest. Kevin’s work even includes theatre performances and video game soundtracks. Although Kevin is a guitar teacher and keyboard instructor and plays each of the main rock instruments, he truly specializes in bass and saxophone. Kevin has now been teaching at School of Rock Arlington Heights for over five years.

Jerry King Drum Teacher

Jerry King is an awesome drum teacher at School of Rock Arlington Heights. Jerry has had years of experience playing and taking music lessons in various instruments, and studying the history and culture surrounding rock music in Chicagoland. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his students regarding music and improvisation, and playing percussion and drum set. Jerry is well-versed in playing and instructing for an orchestral setting as much as he is for the drum set, supporting hard rock, pop and electronic music. Jerry regularly works in the Chicago area, playing everything from musical theater to street festivals, as well as in many of the most well-known clubs and studios throughout Chicago.

Blaine Brown Vocal Instructor

Blaine is a vocal instructor at School of Rock Arlington Heights. He has been teaching for over four years and is also a practicing professional actor and vocalist in Chicago. Blaine has been a part of musicals such as "Miss Saigon" at Paramount Theatre and "The King & I" at Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre. As a member of the widely acclaimed Late Night Blue jazz group of Elmhurst College, Blaine performed internationally, in the Chicago area and at the nation's second oldest jazz festival. He received the Outstanding Musician Award at the Greeley Jazz Festival in 2012 and performed in the world premiere of "Final Fantasy Distant Worlds" with the Chicago Pops Orchestra. He recorded the "Distant Worlds II" soundtrack for the hugely popular video game company Square Enix. Blaine has also performed in "A Christmas Carol" on PBS. As of right now Blaine is performing as lead male vocalist with the internationally known band Shout Out. Blaine graduated Elmhurst College with a degree in Music Business.

James Bourland Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

James works as a guitar teacher, a bass teacher and a ukulele teacher at School of Rock Arlington Heights. He has been teaching guitar since he was 18 years old and has been at our school for over four years. James played in several bands throughout his high school and college years. James's greatest influences include J.S. Bach, Jimi Hendrix and Wu Tang Clan. Though James now calls Chicago home, he grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In 2016, James graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a BA in Instrumental Performance with a focus in Guitar. James is a practicing guitarist and songwriter in multiple bands in the city of Chicago and has multiple recordings in different genres.

Ben Abney Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher

Ben Abney is a guitar, bass, keys and ukulele teacher at School of Rock Arlington Heights. After earning his B.A. in Music Theory and Performance, Ben recorded and toured, playing lead guitar and keys for such acts as Randy Stonehill, Samantha Crain, Liza Day and many others. Ben surprisingly found success performing as Bob in Lonesome Highway: A Tribute To Bob Dylan, but he is by far more passionate about his original project Swell Suburbia, a power-pop quartet. Ben’s greatest influences include The Beatles, Big Star, Badfinger, Wilco, The Velvet Underground and Elliot Smith. Ben is a practicing guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and recording artist in Chicago. Ben has a great passion for teaching and has been doing so for over a decade. Ben is very excited to work with his new students at School of Rock Arlington Heights.

Brian Volleride Piano Teacher

Brian Volleride is our school’s primary piano teacher. He has played in numerous bands and with many stars. His music multi-keyboard career has taken him to over 74 countries performing as a musician. He has played with the likes of Chi-lites, The Drifters, The Classic 4, Sugar Blue, John Lee Hooker, Lonnie Brooks and Otis Rush. His band, The Mike Wheeler Band, was recently awarded the distinction of Best Blues Band in the City of Chicago at the 2015 Chicago Music Awards. Brian was inducted into the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame in October 2016. Brian loves listening, playing and teaching music of all different kinds, and believes in the power of music to change a life.

Nick Fane Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher

Nick is a versatile bass and guitar teacher, skilled in many different styles of popular music. Nick has been teaching students for over eight years and brings his understanding of music theory and bass to School of Rock Arlington Heights in Illinois. Nick graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelor of Music in 2013.

Nick is a practicing bass and guitar player with professional touring musician experience, giving him a large pool of insight to bring to any and all applicable situations. He also is involved in recording music. He has been playing with various local artists across various genres and has toured with The Nick Moss Band, as well as played with with artists such as Gary Clark Jr., Kim Wilson of The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Elvin Bishop and countless others.

Tandaleria Roland Vocal Instructor

Tandaleria Roland is one of our vocal instructors at School of Rock Arlington Heights. She has been a vocal instructor with us for over three years. She is a practicing singer, songwriter, producer and concert event coordinator from the westside of Chicago. She loves listening, playing and teaching music of all different kinds with her students. Tandaleria has been writing music since she was in the fourth grade and has been coordinating indie events since 2012. Tandaleria has had years of experience playing and taking vocal lessons and has been classically trained vocally since 2006. In 2016, she created an online music series entitled "Sessions With Tandaleria" where she invites up-and-coming indie artists to perform songs live in the studio written and produced by herself, accompanied by a group of local musicians who she named The Sessions Band.

Elizabeth Markham Studio Coordinator

Studio Coordinator Elizabeth Markham puts her experience in event coordinating to use at School of Rock Arlington Heights. A musician herself, Elizabeth has been singing professionally since she began her studies in opera at The University of Toledo. She has experience in teaching vocals lessons to all ages as well as leading our pre-school music program called Little Wing. After graduating in 2014 with her B.A. in Music, Elizabeth cofounded the duo Pony Bang Bang.  Pony Bang Bang has since transplanted from Toledo to Chicago-land and has grown to be a four-piece band that you can catch playing such venues as H.O.M.E., Courtland’s Garage and Arlington Ale House. Elizabeth also performs in the folk duo Lazer Kale.  

Julian Rocha Drum Teacher

Julian (Jay) Rocha is a talented drum teacher who has now been teaching at School of Rock Arlington Heights for over four years. A graduate of Northeastern Illinois University with a History and Music degree (and recently returning from a big band jazz tour of China), Julian loves teaching and the act of giving back to the musician community by teaching young artists. Julian is in high demand as a practicing drummer and is executing his craft in bands and musical experiences throughout Chicago and its suburbs.

Brian Reynolds Drum Teacher

Brian Reynolds is a drum teacher at School of Rock Arlington Heights and has been working there for over five years. Brian loves all styles of music and brings a melodic approach to laying down a groove. Brian enjoys sharing his musical knowledge and has been teaching students individually and directing ensembles for over 20 years. Brian is a practicing drummer and plays around the area. Brian has a strong background in jazz, jazz funk and fusion bands. Brian lives in the community and is the proud father of five children, several of whom are professional musicians themselves.

Michael Hernandez Guitar Teacher

Mick (Michael) Hernandez is a Berklee master certified, professional musician and is a vocal instructor and a guitar and bass teacher at School of Rock Arlington Heights, IL. Due to drawing from his education at Berklee and with studies under Bob Grebb, and adding in his extensive gigging experience and many years of teaching students one-on-one, Mick is a strong, experienced teacher. He loves teaching new students and working with more experienced students, bringing them to a higher level of competency.

Collin Nordine Drum Teacher

Collin Nordine has been teaching for over seven years as a private instructor and as a group leader, and is a drum teacher at School of Rock Arlington Heights. His teaching philosophy is to really work on the fundamentals and mechanics of drumming, while at the same time allowing the student to develop their own style. Collin is a practicing drummer playing in funk groups, metal bands, progressive rock bands, bluegrass groups, reggae groups and ska groups. Collin is still touring regionally, adding to his resumé of touring around the country.

Kevin Farris Guitar Teacher

Kevin Farris is a singer/songwriter and teaching artist from Mount Prospect, IL. His musical pursuits began at the age of 10, not unlike many of our School of Rock students. Since then, he's toured with his music and performed at some of Chicago's most well known venues such as Metro, House of Blues, Double Door and The Cubby Bear. Kevin is also a music specialist at Chicagoland preschools, park districts and elementary schools, and performs "kindie rock" for kids at libraries across the Midwest. Kevin aspires to stay connected to his creativity and self-expression and aims to inspire kids to do the same.

Colleen Kanowsky Guitar Teacher, Bass Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher

Colleen Kanowsky is a guitar and bass teacher and also teaches piano at School of Rock Arlington Heights. She graduated from Columbia College in Chicago in May 2017, receiving her Bachelors of Arts in Music degree. She is a practicing guitarist enjoying various genres such as rock, jazz, ambient/post-rock, classical and avant-garde. She is a lead guitarist and a singer/songwriter and plays and leads in many bands. Alternatively, Colleen enjoys jazz band and classical guitar. Colleen loves listening and a calm, zen-like approach to her lessons with her students. She loves to build confidence and see her younger students grow with competency by challenging her more skilled students in ways they did not know was possible.

Zander Panka Drum Teacher

Zander Panka is a graduate of School of Rock Arlington Heights himself, and has been teaching at our school for over a year. He is a Rock 101 and Rookies Instructor at School of Rock Arlington Heights and is a practicing drummer, guitarist and keyboard player. Zander loves bringing kids out of their comfort zone to help them become the best musician, and person, they can be. Zander is also skilled and working on a degree in Music Production.

Jeremy Graff Guitar Teacher

Jeremy Graff is a lifelong guitarist with extensive experience in recording and touring with professional bands, and even holds a gold record. Jeremy gets great pleasure out of sharing his knowledge of the music industry
and guitar playing with music enthusiasts of all ages. Jeremy is a guitar teacher at School of Rock Arlington Heights and is happy to tailor his lessons to the specific areas of interest, needs and ability of beginners to long-time players.

Joshua Reynolds Vocal Instructor

Joshua Reynolds works at School of Rock Arlington Heights as a vocal instructor and studio coordinator. He attended Berklee College of Music for Music Business and Vocal Performance and graduated with honors from Columbia College. Josh has years of experience playing and taking music lessons in vocals and bass guitar. Josh loves listening, playing and teaching music of all different kinds and sharing his experiences to help young musicians grow and develop. Josh recently relocated to the Arlington Heights area after being an accomplished recording artist and touring professional musician. He is also an experienced yoga instructor and loves vegan cooking.

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