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Fall Winter Show Descriptions


A Tribute to BOWIE

Wednesday & Saturday Rehearsals (choose 1 or both)

"There's old wave, there's new wave, and there's David Bowie"

That pretty much says it all. Who is ready to countdown to Major Tom? In honor of July 20, 1969 and the 50th Anniversary of the Eagle landing on the Moom, this' year's road to Harper is David Bowie. An artist with so many personas that using a singular definition is nearly impossible. However, we will do our best to create two separate rehearsals. Known as the artist who "brought sophistication to rock music", Bowie lived his life and career as a Picasso-like art installation.

The Wednesday night rehearsal will feature his persona years, from Bowie (1967) to Diamond Dogs (1974). Be ready to meet Ziggy, Major Tom, Jean Genie and Halloween Jack. This era of Bowie ranged from early punk and hard rock.The Saturday Rehearsal will cover the Thin White Duke and beyond.  For our study this era starts with Young America's, peaks with Let's Dance, yet continues to the end of his glorious career. All of Bowie's material is guaranteed to both delight and frustrate musicians of all levels.

Continuing in our tradition of our 2017 Pink Floyd, 2018 Queen and 2019 Led Zeppelin shows, we will add a third Performance at Harper the evening of Saturday January 25, 2020. This will affect show fees and schedule, so please consider your schedules before sigining up

Van Halen

Monday 5:30-8:30 pm

Van Halen is an American hard rock band formed in California in 1972. Credited for "restoring hard rock to the forefront of the music scene", Van Halen is known for its energetic live shows and for the work of it's acclaimed lead guitarist, Eddie Van Halen. This is going to be an awesome rehearsal with the focus being on the David Lee Roth Era! With some Hagar tunes to throw in there for our keyboard players. This will take your emerging shredder to the next level! This rehearsal has it all, killer drum parts and amazing vocal parts!

The Clash Vs. The Ramones

Friday 5:30-8:30 pm

A battle between the 2 Greatest Classic Punk bands ever! The Ramones embodied the pure essence of what punk is/was supposed to be: fast, aggressive and simple rhythms and beats with equally simple vocals and edgy lyrics. The Clash fused punk and reggae together and experimented in exciting new ways with music bringing additional complexity to their work. Together, this music journey is going to be a powerful experience for ALL involved!